… .18

“then this twot reckons .. ‘do you have any record that you told anyone or sought professional assistance … ‘
.. so,
i wrote me up a big ass affadavit & got me a bad ass lawyer, to present the ‘professional assistance’ cunt, with all the people i sought ‘assistance’ from, before i was old enough to vote.
the over arching re-ality dripping offve that document?
the distinct lack of systemic interest & intervention.
similar to the aforementioned twot.
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“April is Child Abuse / Sexual Violence Awareness Month. Yeah it’s some fucked shit that this is even a thing. But it is.
So theres a link in my bio, for you to donate to Sensible Sentencing Trust NZ, or Google something similar in your country. The kids being fucked over would thank y’all, if they weren’t so busy with being fucked over.”

5 thoughts on “… .18

  1. To not be believed, when you finally gather the courage to seek help, feels like another violation. It has taken me more years to come to terms with my anger about not being believed than it took to realize I did not cause my abuse. It is all a cyclic process and I go back there often, but at this moment, I feel strong.

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