.. 29

“fyi: there ain’t no such thing as ‘if I/you just’ ..
.. take enough vitamins
.. pray to the right gods
.. move my self differently
.. approach with more
.. mind what i say
.. do what they suggest ..
it is literally ‘the skirt was too short’ syndrome way of living life, & it’ll steal everything that is left of your soul if you let it.”

#maori #photographer
#artist #tutu
#linguistic #truth #seeker
“April is Child Abuse / Sexual Violence Awareness Month. Yeah it’s some fucked shit that this is even a thing. But it is.
So theres a link in my bio, for you to donate to Sensible Sentencing Trust NZ, or Google something similar in your country. The kids being fucked over would thank y’all, if they weren’t so busy with being fucked over.”

4 thoughts on “.. 29

    • Sort of . Was thinking more about that shit that gets stuck in our heads / hearts / bodies, that repeats .. if you just do a, b, c you’ll be ok .. and then becomes .. if you don’t do a, b, c then it’s all your own fault if something dire should happen.
      Sorta make sense ?
      Soz .. sometimes my head is a minefield of shit that don’t come out understandably 🙄 lol x

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