it mental health awareness month .  .  & i wonder ..
does that shit apply to injury.
see ..
the sexual assault of a child & the ongoing torture and torment of that child, right up into adulthood, is a crime .. right? like an actual legit crime.
covered by acc & all, the effects of that crime are considered injuries.
however those injuries have to be diagnosed as mental illness / injury to be legitly covered.
so i wanna know how telling the victim of multiple crimes, that they are infact the one with the mental illness. how the fuck that help ..  any body. Any time. At all.

make that make some motherfucking sense please.


2 thoughts on “so,

  1. I think anyone who hurts children is mentally ill myself. As for the victims… well, we are injured, scarred, changed and broken. Our injuries cause a crack in who we are, the crack grows until we are shattered. There are no words to describe that state of being.

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