here .. to dump

fyi .. the world hasn’t just recently turned into a shit fest ..

it’s always been that way.

just the skids are showing now 🙄

& still cunts wanna put glitter on it & call it ‘content’.

fuck me. it’s some bullshit alright.


4 thoughts on “here .. to dump

  1. Yes!! The world has always been fucked, in some way or other. I think we are on the slippery slope of fucked now, it’s all floating to the surface, maybe now we can deal with it.

    • that would be great!
      im not holding my breathe however, cos just when i think i seen it all, it shows up in some other wanky state ..
      speaking of ..
      hope you & yours are safe where you at xx
      i havent been following much of whats going on, cos .. well, just cos.
      but seen some article the other day & thought of you one there <3

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