she / her .. them

surreal ..
is that what I feel.
not sure.
seems to sum up the whole of this sitch_ation.
it feels familiar af.
foreign af.
heavy af.
i think i can hear my tipuna.
the kuia i heard in the stars
@ the start of this multifaceted fuckery.
i said i wanted to find her.
& i heard a faint karanga.
low & easy.
i thought that meant, physically, I’d find her.
but i don’t think that’s the dilly now.
sometimes I feel
a scene unfolding through someone else’s eyes.
i see water.
not the ocean.
ripples, & a gentle rhythm of paddles in the water.
I hear twigs breaking.
I smell wet dirt.
I feel,
at home.
pre white.
pre invasion.
that kuia.
as a kotiro,
before they came & destroyed her world.
sometimes I can feel them all.
all the kuia .. from all their lands.
karanga @ the same time.
loud & long ..
piercing the night skies.
sending shivers down the spines of all tane,
living & dead.


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