final deep shit thoughts , re me & twenty motherfucking twenty one Hun

i think I’m still after a feeling .. Safety.
in my body, skin.
i’m not sure what that ‘looks’ like until I see it.
the thing that makes me feel the most at ease, is .. simplicity .. in all senses of the word.
is the world an unsafe place for a little girl.
for a half grown girl.
for a half ass grown woman.
for a womxn.
for a brown woamn.
Is it.
Is it really.
At all.
All she needed was protection.
To feel safe.
The child didn’t feel protected.
The child wasn’t protected.
The child had to protect itself.
It’s still frozen in one place waiting for shit to make sense.
Waiting for grown ups to do something, grown up.
Manage themsleves.
And protect those that are vulnerable.
They’re vulnerable.
And as ungrown up as the child standing next to them, watching them implode and explode.
In the meantime .. we tryna grow our own selves up.



4 thoughts on “final deep shit thoughts , re me & twenty motherfucking twenty one Hun

  1. Yep, I’m doing child protection training at the moment (mandatory, yearly and triggering) and it is bringing on flashbacks and shakes. All this training makes me think about our instincts; shouldn’t our instinct be to protect the young? Why do we need training? (I realise that it’s good that we have it though). Every child protection report I make breaks me. I spend weeks in that not-quite-right place and have to sit with it to get my head straight. I just hope it helps those kids.

    • Oh gawd I feel yah ❤️
      Your a brave person. Those are horrible at the best of times . . If there’s such a thing 😑
      Agreed to . Our instincts have almost become immobilised is my theory. Weve become so use to not hearing or seeing kids and made not noticing a pre req 😒
      But yeah the other side of that, for you, is horrible xx
      I hope you can find some sort of balance in it .. that’s not really the right word, but I can’t think of it ..
      Will be thinking of you though ❤️

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