final thoughts : intersections @ ’21

see, when you’ve completely exiled and ostracised a whole set of people, and then expect them to give a fuck about the health of the collective .. the exiled do not give a shit.

it’s not just that the crown has done absolutely nothing to honour te tiriti. but they have, as a collective, set out to annihilate Us from 1840 onwards.

legislation, destabilisation, imprisonment, land grabs, assimilation etc .. the recipe hasn’t changed.

they push hard to appear like they give a shit about your brown ass, & mandate the fuck out of shit we were already locked out of & a shitload of us don’t give a fuck about ..

but they’re the shiestiest fuckers on the planet nek to those phallus riding bullshitters.


2 thoughts on “final thoughts : intersections @ ’21

  1. I do think that humanity as a whole is making progress towards understanding that humans are all one species, with beautiful and interesting differences, but unfortunately our governments are lagging behind. The people in charge always seem to be behind the times and a little low on thinking ability. I wonder why we keep following them?

    • Lol you are very right!!!
      I don’t .. haven’t for awhile . They pretty intrusive at the minute though 🙄

      But yes, I too am starting to have a teeny shimmer of hope in the rest of humanity 😊

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