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    • So, I decided not to make letting it go the goal 🤷🏽‍♀️ yeah I know lol they all say it’s the goal .. but none of that shits worked so far lol sooooo , I just literally sat with it, still am to some degree, .. kinda wallowed around in there hahaha ate chocolate .. did some extra ordinary nice stuff for myself instead. Guess what’s happening ..
      First couple days I could barely breathe from crying intermittently 😑 lawd .. and it was deep and painful, shit I thought I’d dealt with kind surfaced .. I cried so much my eyes swelled lol geezus.

      Next day, it still hurt, and I might add, I stopped trying to figure that out, what is it , every five minutes.

      Yesterday I had tears but different. I knew I was gonna be ok.

      Last night I dreamt and it’s sort of semi resolved in my gutt.

      Today I’m gonna be having an awkward conversation with someone and then a couple others.

      Cos I figured in all that, the letting go part is actually (this time) giving shit back. Understanding the decisions I made previously and that they’re alright. And being so kind to me, like I would my grandbabies xxx

      Wow that was long lol

      But I’ll let yah know how it eventuates ;)

      • That is a bold stategy, but you gotta do what will work for you. I have found it hard to let go, it takes me away from rverything that is familiar and safe. I’m scared to let go of all that 😠 and why should I have to? That’s my current freling anyway.

        • yes .. i hear you perfectly. it was part of my reasoning too. all solutions, as such, that were previously suggested .. involved me MEEEEE, giving up something, or being moved out of my very tentative safe space .. like yourself , im thinking, who the fuck does this actually benefit??? Not I, thats for sure . .. .be interested to hear how it works for you too .. cos im hoping we’re on to something here ;)

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