aires .. etc

so, it’s whiro ..
love me some whiro …
of te ngahuru ma tahi o paengawhawha
(yeah my phone don’t have those macron things .. deal).

& we moved into aires season. also, birthday month.

specifically, my birthday month.

so, after yesterday’s semi shock to the system, I decided to change up my usual plan & go commando, thusly making birthday month flexible, with extensions if necessary   cos ..

• fiddy ✊
•fuck the crown
•aging is a muthafukin hon.our
•fuck covxd
•you only get to call yourself the 5 . O once in a lifetime & not be the 5 . 0 路‍♀️
•i want to enjoy all of it @ my own pace
•fuck the crown.

so let me start off aires season with some words of wisdom for the m/asses :
“the thing with ‘healing’ per se, is it’s messy af.
don’t matter what lovely little anecdote or meme your ass can come up with, or what wonderful little sunset & Maisey Rika tunes (no shade on Ms Rika, u gangang 藍), you can post along your ‘healing journey’ .. if it’s real .. its gonna hurt like fuck.

but not forever.

cos then it gets itchy.”
yo welcome 
Follow Me for more intermittent pearls of wis.dom. ✊
slide one.
unfiltered ..  giving you, pre fiddy finery, full of allergy goodness 藍

slide two.
the other part of the healing hikoi, I chose to embark, @ pre fiddy 臘‍♀️‍♀️

shout outs to the hau tutu of @pacificink , @stormy
also ..
I’m wearing a cute lil @tohutees slash @tameiti inspired ensemble .. in it’s entirety it reads : “colonised af”.
get it ✊藍
lastly .. but not leastly .. ❤️
*matua chose his transition time beautifully.
got to see him in the tail of the waka last night .. a shooting star tohu .. & I am grateful to be alive @ a time that Moana Jackson trod papatuanuku too *

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