just cos, updates :

For some reason, as my hot flush started taking over this fine ass bod, I thought about the update I have been pondering on but haven’t got around to publishing …

So here I am :)

So, I’ve started packing up the house. I’m an anal fucker like that. But after the feng shui got disturbed with the partners dodgy agreement with the landlord, and although we’ve declined his white priveleged offer … there could be repercussions.

White privledge doesn’t like to be offended.

Oh, and the other reason I’ve started packing is I got shit to do and aint got time for packing in the next month or two.

Moko number #6 is due toward the end of August so I’ve planned on hanging out for a month. Cos thats what Nannys do ;)

By October though she’s on like donkey kong.

Well, for Me anyways.

I got like 4 more personal goals I want to meet before the end of the year. And the collaborative exhibition is in November.

This should be a doozy!

For Me, the process in preparing for it has been similar to the last … but my work has changed abit … which is also normal I’ve come to realise.

It’s all cathartic … it’s all a process …. its all processing.

I’ll be returning to my ‘protesty’ art lol. It’s what I started painting with. As in, I started painting because I had no words to explain the horror I felt as I learnt about our history. Our real history.

Honestly … the pain is horrific … and quite encumbersome. Painting was the only relief I could find.

So this time, our collaborative exhibition is based on the myths related to domestic violence. Completely my jam …

And as I started to try and get my head around what to paint, something completely different happened … as it does. You would have caught little snippets of it throughout the year and my painting related posts.

So this year, I’m addressing the whitewashing of our culture and our position as ‘women’ … of the reverse racism and the result of colonisation that sees Us now at the top of every violent, addict and victim statistic that is presented to Us via government and social justice groups.

As you can imagine … it’s caused a bit of angst ;)

But it’s been good. It’s brought another wave to the story.

In and amongst all this, I’m also going to respond to my daughters father, who was my first ‘grown up’ experience of ‘relationship’ violence. Not actually sure if it’s grown-up violence considering I was 15 … but oh well, there it is.

In the shitfest that was the rest of my life lol, I’m not sure that I ever really got to respond to / about him. I grew up and it turned out there were way worse things in store for Me than being beaten about the head with a telephone book.

But yeah …

So, I’ll continue to pop into my awesome blog and update randomly and have a giz around … catchup with the blog world happenings and post random posts and poetry about sexual assault, violence, racism and casual sexism … the usuals ;)

Love and light to All y’all xoxo

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art ~ #abstract

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art ~ print [2016]


from pts(d) expression series #10 – Oct 30, 2016 @ 01:56

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art ~ photographic deconstruction / power meter box

Our old house:

our first beach house.

There lived an old

power meter box.

Lovely old thing.

Full of character,

and cobwebs.

At night you could hear

It tick over.

And gently hum,

as it racked up the dollars.

But I’m going to miss it;

Miss it’s ticking and humming.

They don’t make them like this


And tend to rip out these and replace

them with those over-rated

digital fuckers.

But I prefer these.

Old and glorious models.

First Published on: Aug 13, 2015 @ 21:19

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art ~ literal and photographic deconstruction / armchair

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artivism ~ #whitewash

This was a process I started in last years paintings, but I hadn’t quite grasped what I wanted to express with them … other than the obvious.

This year, the #whitewash theme has presented itself throughout my new series. It’ll be interesting to see how they all turn out.

Basically though the #whitewash theme is in response to what colonisation has done to the indigenous process, thought patterns, belief systems and way of being.

They are a challenge.


First published May 30, 2017

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artivism ~ for her, and me, and them

All my life, well 41 years of it anyway, I’ve had to defend myself. Unfortunately, the form of defense that I have employed has usually, also been to my detriment. In that, I have hidden, run, anesthetized, gone silent…held my breath…to maintain my survival.

And this is the aftermath and ongoing cruelty of infant or child sexual assault, for its victim. It’s no longer some pervert cunt whose trying to get into your tiny panties…its the continuous hiding from the possibility of impending assault. It’s Us; still trying to defend ourselves from those prying fingers.

But those fingers don’t exist in the here and now anymore. Just in the senses…in the dreams…in the reminders…in the head…in the heart…and they are more than enough to terrify an avid horror film buff.

And as I wake this morning, to the realization that I have been my own worst number 2 enemy…as number 1 is lost somewhere in the open world…I wonder; am I going to defend myself differently? What does that differently look like?

I think it would look like what I do for; have done for my kids. It would look scary and fierce. It would be quiet, but firm…unyielding. It would defend and die for the life of…the growth of…the success of. It wouldn’t take any shit and wouldn’t take No for an excuse or an answer.

So if that is my new truth…that I; the person who hid, survived but died inside every day…if I; am truly worth fighting for…then today must be the day that happens.

I have listened and remained silent to the uneducated and unlearned and uncompassionate taunts of “get over it all ready … stop using it as an excuse … that was years ago … you’re so unaffectionate … you’re not better, your worse … you need to forgive … you need to move on”. And my defense, or best defense, has been an argument. Has been a plea, really.

To listen, to understand…let me educate you so that you will understand. Let me beg, plead and cry so that you will understand. Let me share my horrors with you so that you will understand.

Not realizing, they don’t want to understand…they just want me to be different. Not such an unwelcome truth.

So, for her, and me…I’ll keep talking the unwelcome truth…the mundane horrors…not just to educate; but to defend my position; my truth; my battle; my scars; my reality; my healing; my moving on and growing up.

I’ll also speak for all of those that didn’t make it out of that little dark room with prying fingers and filthy deeds. ALL those little people who never got the chance to get out, grow up, get a job and a family. For all those little people, just like me…who grew into big people, and have rocked in the corner, for far to fucking long.

From 2016 Exhibition.

First Published on: Mar 2, 2016 @ 07:04 <3



artivism ~ resistance, response

art has a way of


what can’t be.

like a child’s.


art can describe

what may otherwise be;


to explain;


to understand;

too uncomfortable,

for the polite;

to raw for breakfast.



but art can capture

the emotion of a scene,

when nothing

else can.

*These are macro shots of a series of 3 paintings I created, that were part of the “TOO MUCH TRUTH – Women’s Global Resistance to Sexploitation” Exhibition.

The Exhibition finishes this Sunday. I’ll post full shots of these pieces, and their descriptions then.*

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exhibition art [2017] ~ “tūmatauenga”

Tūmatauenga ~

Spirit energy


violence and war



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exhibition art [2017] ~ “rongo-mai-tū-waho”

Rongo-mai-tū-waho ~

Spirit energy

of space.



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