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Photographer Paola de Grenet is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography. From her project ‘Life as a Transsexual‘. To see Paola’s body of work click on any image. Barcelona is a liberal city with a vast community of gays, travesties and transsexuals. It is a […]

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i met god

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I love this Poem!
An amazing Poet! For more go to “The Freedom Of – Drunk Conversations and My Boring Life”.

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The Freedom Of

i met god and She was black,
as black as the lies on Her lips
the music. the lullaby.
the song She sings at us.

i met god and She was blacker
than the thoughts,
the ones that make my knuckles bleed,
the ones that feed the demons
behind my muscles.

i met god in the middle of
an empty parking lot.
i was sitting in my car
and She fucked me.

She tasted like the sea
like the salt-black pool
that sits in my stomach
and bleeds out my pores.
She smelled like me.

i met god and Her
movements were selfish.
She was brief, She was gone
i was left naked, cold
with no answers told,
no direction.

i met god and She fucked me black.
i met god and She fucked me.

“i met god”

©Steven Cuenca

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politics, prostitution & funding

Politics and vying for funding in Aotearoa, seem to fuck with the original intention of a organisation. This isn’t a new thing, but it seems that in recent years, it is getting progressively worse. Now, its not unusual for charities and organisations, that have been doing exceptional well, to have their funding cut. This seems to set off a string of events; 1 being, the rush for funding, which tends to get the organisation to ‘bend over’, where it wouldn’t have bent over before.

Excerpt: “The organisation has long departed from its origins as a grassroots charity. It started in the 1980s, as a group of nine Wellington women in prostitution protecting themselves against the abuses of pimps, the spread of AIDs, and the government’s criminalization of prostituted persons. By 2003, the Prostitution Reform Act (PRA) was passed, finally decriminalizing those prostituted in New Zealand’s sex trade – but also pimps and sex buyers. Though NZPC still leverages their historic, grassroots image, it currently promotes government policy of full decriminalization as a generously state-funded sex trade lobby.”

Source: Why the New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective cannot be trusted

For more, go to Writing By Renee.


Watch the stars – we navigate points of light in the dark

An artist of many forms. Huka speaks of all the things that are near and dear to Me.

For More of their writings and art, please visit “huka can haka”.


“Whakapapa helps Māori people keep memories alive over aeons, through practices of re-storying our lives. Through whakapapa, I am always able to locate myself at the core of my accumulated experiences, even though at times I can feel fragmented and disoriented. Whakapapa resists marginalisation and centres identity, because I can see the ‘today’ of my life through the lens of many generations – I can see the bigger picture. Te Ātiawa, Ngāti Māhanga and Ngāti Māhanga ā Tairi activist and social theorist Leonie Pihama asserts whakapapa as an analytic tool, employed by Māori to understand how we relate in the world . Whakapapa connects Māori to every aspect of existence – when I make art I use whakapapa to re-image lived experiences of marginality many different (but also the same) globalised contexts.”

huka can haka

Whakapapa is generally translated as genealogy, although can be understood in many different ways. Whakapapa can mean to lie flat, to place in layers, to recite in order; or considered in parts as ‘whaka’ – cause to be, to become; and ‘papa’ which can mean – the Earth, or anything broad flat and hard. In te reo Māori ’papa’ has many meanings associated with ideas of ground, site and layer. Papatūānuku, often shortened to Papa, is the female personification of Earth. The word ‘kaupapa’ can mean the woven foundation for a cloak and has the figurative meaning of a platform or purpose. ‘Whakapapa’ has a literal meaning of placing things in layers. That extends figuratively to reciting genealogical links in their proper order and from there to the word for ‘genealogy’.

Whakapapa is a critical cultural foundation for understanding who you are, where you come from, where and who…

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Darkmatter should not be welcome in Wellington

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writing by renee

Dear Meow, InsideOUT, New Zealand Portrait Gallery and Slow Boat Records,

I’m writing regarding your upcoming Darkmatter events on 9 and 10 October.

Darkmatter have made clear statements that justify rape and pedophilia. They can be read here.

The statements include calling little girls – children – “kinky” and “deviant”. They suggest that culturally, society places too much onus on sexual violence perpetrators and not enough on victims. This is false, victim blaming, and threatening. 

In fact, sexual violence perpetrators are rarely made accountable; and sexual violence victims are barely ever believed, and they never, ever, ever see justice. One in three New Zealand women are sexually assaulted in their lifetimes – there is even a pathway leading to Massey University in Wellington nicknamed “rape alley”! Yet only 13% of cases reported result in a conviction.

However Darkmatter presents his statement as an effort to protect marginalised groups, it is clearly apology, erasure, minimisation and justification for the sexual abuse…

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The camps of chronic illness explained (with a little help from Monty Python)

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Chronic illness explained as only Kara can do.  Love you girlfriend!

Please go to Miss Karas blog to view more.

Polishing Dookie

Those of us who enjoy life with one or more chronic illnesses likely fall into one of three camps. Positivity porn slingers, Tell-it-like-it-is’ers, and Neutral floaters.

giphy1Positivity porn slingers: Perhaps you’ve just been diagnosed and now that you’ve finally got your diagnosis you feel that there’s hope, that things will get better. Or perhaps you’ve had your diagnosis for decades and you’ve FINALLY figured out how to live with it. You see other chronic illness patients who seem to have a dark cloud hovering over them and boy, do they ever complain! You vow that you won’t become like them. After all, a big portion of owning your disease is having power over your mind. Youavoid these people like they’re lepers. Some of them might actually be lepers.

b089c7711c3bc30d651ecd7e835764d9Tell-it-like-it-is’ers: Ah, the complainers. My compadres. It’s likely you’ve been around the block a few too many times, have possibly…

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Grooming literature: Cosmo, Dolly, pimping and the “Sex Worker Starter Kit”

Excerpt: ““What is sexual objectification?” was the question asked by Caroline Heldman. “It’s the process of representing or treating a person like a sex object, one that serves another sexual pleasure,” she says. A solid definition. Feminist scholar and lawyer Catherine MacKinnon also sums up objectification succinctly.

man fucks woman;
subject verb object.”

For more please visit Renees site: “Writing by Renee”

writing by renee

I don’t normally do content warnings, but this piece contains some pretty offensive material; I would certainly recommend sitting down for it with a hot drink.


In her online talk The Sexy Lie, Caroline Heldman discusses objectification, questioning the idea that “sex sells”. This is an idea that many advertisers and publishers leverage, but Heldman challenges. Sex, by definition, is mutual – but 96% of objectifying media depicts women. “If sex sold, why wouldn’t we see half naked men everywhere in advertising?” Heldman asks. Because it’s not sex that is being sold, she says: it’s something else.

“To men, they’re being sold this idea constantly that they are sexual subjects. They are in the driver’s seat,” Heldman explains. Indeed, they are. In The Ins and Outsof Work, a booklet produced by the New Zealand Prostitutes’ Collective (NZPC) for women in prostitution, a man’s “inability to get…

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featured artist: Darcy Nicholas

Darcy Nicholas is a Contemporary Maori Artist from Aotearoa (New Zealand). His artistry, I would describe as indigenous and deeply personal.

Described as: “Born in Waitara, Taranaki, New Zealand – Darcy Nicholas has been actively involved in the contemporary Maori art movement since the late 1960’s. He has exhibited throughout New Zealand, Australia, Africa, United States, France, India, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, and Canada.”

To find more of his Artistry please go to:


Self Care and Coping With My Panic Attacks

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Part 2 from Ms Mangos Panic and Anxiety ‘How Too’s’ … Thank You :)

For more please visit ‘Gain Through The Pain’.


Gain Through The Pain

There’s only so much preparation you can do for yourself when you live with a panic disorder.  Unless you’ve found yourself a way to live attack free (therapy to remove triggers, hormone or nutrient replacements to fix imbalances etc, keep in mind, we don’t all have these options), you know full well that at some point another one is going to hit.

And another, and another… and another.

There are two main important things to consider when managing self care with heightened anxiety and panic attacks. The first is handling the day to day actions and buildups that can influence how our disorder may play out. The second is coping and caring for ourselves after an attack hits.

In two recent posts I mentioned the difference between anxiety and panic attacks and I covered a little bit of the basics on prevention and preparation when dealing with both of them as…

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Panic and Anxiety Attack Management 101

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Some great advise and how-too’s … thankyou Mrs Mango :)

For more please visit ‘Gain Through The Pain’


Gain Through The Pain

I’m going to quickly start by saying that I am no medical professional and that this post is based on my experiences and personal opinion. If you are suffering from an unchecked anxiety or panic disorder I highly recommend seeking professional help. I know I can bash them a lot but there IS help out there (both medical and therapeutic) and having someone to turn to when things get rough that is trained to help you handle it can be a real LIFE SAVER.

Secondly, I’d like to point out that even after you understand that I’m not licensed or trained to give you or anyone else any sort of guidance or advice, you have to take into account that mental disorders are highly individual. Not everyone experiences their attacks the same way, has the same symptoms or is able to use the same coping methods. While this is frustrating…

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