making me a new lane …

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it, then, them, us, yours, ours, hers, his, togethers, whens, whys, whoms & all the other(s) shit.

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duly noted:

some people ‘hide’ in the shelter of an institution.

no different than me hiding @ the beach.

i think my location is better though.


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i’m just tired.

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floating in a sea of seemingly disingenuous shit.

is anything.

is anyone.

actually fucking real anymore.

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but they’re just people.

hetero-normative, abled-bodied, big mouth, scary-ass


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think that’s grief that i can feel,

pressing against my chest.

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awkward fucker

thats me @ the moment.

awkward fucking fucker.

oh well …

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night walking, for me:

there’s no prep involved. it’s calm. cold. easy. refreshing.

even though the supposed sooth-sayers say it’s too dangerous for a ‘woman’ to be doing this.

tell yah whats dangerous honey: is having to listen to you speaking for far too fucking long!

stay in your lane bitch.

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is it supposed to look a certain way so it doesn’t look so


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insides out


outsides in.

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classic Over Sharing:

them: ‘hi, how are you doing?’

me: ‘argh … bleeding like a stuck pig atm & peri-menopause is kicking my ass. & you?’

~ awkward silence ~

them: ‘oh, i’m good thanks.’

*bustles off quickly whilst avoiding direct eye contact*

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tink te universe be fuckin wit me feng shui …

again …

i’m hanging on for the ride: barely.

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.. /\ ..

some days i’m just scared.

no reason.

just scared.

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i had biscuits for dinner.

fuck i love adulting this way.

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drugs for the pain.

i remember my uterus screaming @ me.

it should’a been screaming @ you yah cunt.

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when you said

that you loved me.

did that have anything to actually do with me?

or was that for the crowd too?

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? …

petrified womanhood.

pretty sure its a thing.

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the beauty lays in the difference.

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_ . _ man

softly softly, to approach your tender little ass

just in case you have a tantrum.

apparently they’re still relevant in your 40s.


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turns out:

not many are interested in empowerment.

it would appear they’re more interested in making a cunt dependent.

which i think, is pretty fucking sick really.

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