366 reasons to smile ~ +365 – Finale.


Well it’s been 2 years of “366 slash 365 Reasons to Smile” … time go’s faster than you realise ay.

The purpose of doing these posts (as with everything (believe it or not) in this Blog), was to find the positive, or at least a smile, within a day; Everyday.

I think in 2 years of doing this theres only been 1 day when I couldn’t find anything to smile about, which I think is pretty fan-fucking-tastic!

The things that have given Me a necessary laugh or smile have ended up being #memes, little sayings, little items or memories … they’ve never been anything huge or even earth shattering … but over the last 2 years they’ve achieved what I didn’t think was possible at the beginning of my awesome blogging career …

I Found My Smile :) And I do believe I’ve slowly learnt how to maintain that! It doesn’t have to be large or earth moving … it’s just the little things … the little things that make you remember and appreciate that Your life is good, no matter who you are and what the haps are.

So this is my last post for this segment … Because … Well I’ll leave it to D’Angelo to explain …

Love and light to you all and Thankyou a thousand times over for every ‘Like’; every ‘Comment’; every ‘Emoji’ and every thought every one of you has ever given!

You have helped Me find My smile again and I am eternally grateful to You All <3

I’ve Found My Smile Again ~ D’Angelo, 1997


366 reasons to smile ~ +364.

+364. Haha … my response to most things – Life included ;)

#meme reads:

Dear Life: whatever motherfucker. Whatever.


366 reasons to smile ~ +363.

+363. Yes. Yes it is :)

#meme reads:

I have a pretty big ass, so when I half-ass something, it’s still pretty impressive.


366 reasons to smile ~ +362.

+362. Yup :)

#meme reads:

“Who you kissing on New Years this year?”

Me: I’m kissing 2017’s ass goodbye.


366 reasons to smile ~ +361.

+361. Post-Christmas feels ;)

#meme reads:

I’ll see your hot mess and raise you a walking disaster.


366 reasons to smile ~ +360.

+360. JS ;)

#meme is a photograph of 2 trucks following each other. The first is a smaller truck with the ‘Jack Daniels’ logo on it; the second is a larger truck with the ‘Coca-Cola’ logo on it.

The #meme reads: I think I’ll be following these two, just in case I can help out if they crash.


366 reasons to smile ~ +359.

+359. BOOM!

Merry Christmas Y’all ;)

#meme is a photograph of a big red sign, which reads:

Three Wise Women

Would have asked for directions

Arrived on time

Helped deliver the baby

Brought practical gifts

Cleaned the stable

Made a casserole

and there would be

Peace on earth!