the driving.

did i tell yah, i drove the other day?

well i did.

& even though i can’t go over 40ks without starting to shake, i feel comfortable as fuck, puttering along like a nana.

over the next few months i’m going to teach myself to drive again. slow & easy wins the race they reckon. so thats how i’m gonna approach this.

& cos if i wait for the elusive psychologist & their elusive exposure therapy, it could be another motherfucking year!!

nope. we doing it my way this time.

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unfucking.thyself & slowly.succeeding !




Homai to Aroha


in amongst the week(s) that have been, both tiring & awesome … we celebrated moko 5’s 5th birthday.

part of my goals this year, have been to attend all the mokos birthdays & i knew this one was going to be full on. it also came at the end of the weekend after the exhibition, so was even more full on for sensitive little moi lol.

but i did it & did it well.

moko #5 is gorgeous. she’s so herself it’s almost intimidating lol, no actually, it’s inspiring & challenging. with the greatest of ease she is able to say what she needs, say what she doesn’t need, express her opinion and dislike and most importantly, express her love. she’s lovely to watch <3

what was also beautiful was seeing mokos #5’s family all over the place. she had her cousins from all sides … aunties, uncles, nans & grandads, all there celebrating with her. the awesome thing about moko #5’s mama is the connections she makes, and keeps, with all of her family … near & far – she’s managed to keep in touch with them all & make them part of the mokos lives. it’s a pretty cool thing to watch unfold … cos i know, they will never be alone and never be lacking in support and love. what more could a nanny ask for <3

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