I’m Not sure if I would call the Cops. My Skin is too Dark.

A brilliant article on ‘Afrophobia’ and its intricacies.
Quote ~ “Afrophobia is the irrational fear of black people…”

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Too Many Murderous Cops Go Free

On the 6th of July, 2016, A police officer murdered Philando Castile.  Jeronimo Yanez, the police officer who committed the murder, was acquitted of all charges on the 16th of June, 2017.

Yanez Shooting Castile

The fact that Castile’s murder was video recorded live on Facebook, with clear audio where you can hear this poor man moaning towards his death, didn’t matter.  The child in the back seat, didn’t matter.  The fact that he volunteered information that he is a licensed gun owner, didn’t matter.  A woman driving the car, didn’t matter.  Castile being in the passenger seat, didn’t matter.  Seemingly, the only reason why the family was pulled over, was because someone had, by the cop’s description, a “wide set nose”.

“The victim did everything right, everything he was supposed to do.  The victim was very respectful, very polite, letting the officer know what he was…

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a thought ~ the criminal jew

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can’t hold us down ~ christina aguilera

Can’t Hold Us Down ~ Christina Aguilera, 2002


activism ~ responding to the over-representation of Maori in prison

The following article is an adequate and interesting look at the common, apparent ’causes’ of over representation of Maori in the Crowns prison system.  As I read through however, I found myself asking the questions I usually do, that never really get answered.

The usual Question“Angry boys. We get a lot of angry boys. What is the root cause of that anger?”

The usual Answer ~ “…the usual suspects of educational failure and family breakdown as the biggest contributors to young Maori heading towards criminal behaviour.”

My Question ~ Is that really what makes Us angry??

You see, when they say ‘educational failure’, they mean failure in the mainstream pakeha education. When they say ‘family breakdown’ they are referring to ‘imported’ addictions, that we didn’t indulge in prior to white invasion; they’re referring to behaviour, like domestic violence, that we didn’t indulge in prior to white invasion; they’re referring to a family unit that consists of Mother, Father and point 2 children, all living in one house isolated from a wider family unit, which we didn’t indulge in prior to white invasion.

The idea that we are ‘broken’ is from a completely ethnocentric point of view.

Does that make Us angry? Fuck Yes. And this doesn’t scratch the entire impact of the colonisation process on who we were and who we are now.

Responding to the over representation of Maori in prison.


activism ~ #lestweforget – ourselves

Oh how quickly we forget.

Whether its convenience, or guilt, I am unsure.

But if we care to look,

take notice,

the evidence is everywhere.

You wonder why there is concern?

Or why you are made to be concerned?

That was an idea bestowed.

You wonder why we are criminals?

Are blood thirsty?

An idea bestowed.

You believe that we are un-employable.


Also an idea bestowed.

You believe we lack the ability to move forward.


Another idea bestowed.

You believe our culture is primitive.

That we are mistrusting of rule.

Yes, Ideas bestowed.

You are uncertain of what we are.

Who we are.

So are we.

Both ideas, bestowed.

Although we were not as ‘native’ or naive

as they thought, by their conception of those ideas;

And we didn’t lose a single battle waged against us,

In the end we were overpowered

by numbers.

They didn’t ‘outsmart’ us,

they never could.

Instead they had to employ more


colonial tactics.

Tactics empowered by ideas.

Employed by even our own.

And we are still dismantling those ideas today.