IMO – Paedophilia

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One of my daughters sent me this link a while ago, and its taken this long to get round to watching the entire thing.
Anyone that knows Me Well, knows Me disdain for all things ‘kiddie-fuckerish’ and my passion for doing away with them completely.
That ‘passion’ took Me to Criminology … it took me to [my place of work] … its shaped how I respond to offenders … more importantly, or so I thought, it shaped the ingenious ‘alternative’ plans I came up with re Rehabilitation and Prevention.
How-the-fuck-ever … We are Not a country that supports rehabilitation and especially Not prevention. Argue that if you will, but I’m not wrong.
So when it comes to sex offenders, what are the rates of actual successful ‘rehabilitation’? And is there any stats on ‘Prevention’ per se?
Fuck No. Because anyone thats lived in NZ long enough, knows we just make that shit up as we go along and to fit the ‘status quo’ that needs to be fitted for that year.

So back to this ‘Virtuous’ Paedophile.

A paedophile is a person who is attracted sexually to children. Now noting that, makes my skin crawl. And that will never change. And in my learned fucking opinion, I’ll never accept pedosexuality as a sexual orientation.

HOWEVER: After watching this, with a pretty fucken open-mind I will say … This is what I’ve decided.

If this person … self proclaimed non-offending pedo … wants to raise awareness among his Own peeps … if he wants to educate Them … Support, Them … Then go for it.

There are too many victims, and have-been victims, like myself, who have spent shit loads of years exorcising our own demons and trying to re-educate fuckers on these fuckers … trying to rehabilitate them so they stop hurting our own kids … trying to prevent the cycles from starting … so we can protect our own kids. If this cunt wants to put his neck on the chopping block .. .wants to spend hours and hours learning and teaching … Go For It.

Would I leave my mokos with him … fuck NO!
Do I think his sickness is Normal … also Fuck NO.
But if he wants to be a recluse and manage himself somewhere out in the whops … sweet as!

Our system isn’t going to rehabilitate, prevent or educate these people. And they’re definitely Not going to protect Us or our children.

If he’s supporting and hopefully helping pedos to manage their sickness (i won’t call it a sexuality), is that not a better solution than any we’ve come up with so far?

Don’t get Me wrong … I am completely down for lining them up and putting a bullet in their skulls. I’d volunteer for that job.
But NZ doesn’t do capital punishment for sex offenders. And that law isn’t going change any time soon.


hey, did i …

did i tell yah

bout the cunt next door?

new cunt …

thinks the volume

dial on his stereo

should be louder

than the birds


and the waves of

the ocean crashing …

I can feel my

golf club, and I

making a trip

next door

to make our

acquaintance …

so they say …

theres a time

for everything …

so they say.

so …

whens My time?


unfucking thyself 101.37




Homai to Aroha



Today there is more than 1 photograph. Theres 3. Cos I can.

Today, in  Aotearoa … it is “Waitangi Day”.

The link above will give you the brief mainstream rundown of what this day ‘means’, the controversy that has surrounded it and those that ‘celebrate’ and / or protest it and the reasons.

I’ve done all of the above for a very very very long time.

This year, I’m Not.

I didn’t vote this last election. The short reason is: there is No point.

And that is how I feel about Waitangi this year. It isn’t a cause for celebration. Our protests aren’t heard and if anything our actions are used against us.

I am over it.

I noticed a while ago that even though I had taught my kids the basics regarding the Treaty of Waitangi and the Crown breaches … there was still large gaps in their knowledge.  So a few years ago I decided, that instead of actively protesting, I’d teach my kids and mokos about what Waitangi Day was really about. But they weren’t interested. Well, not really. They’re still young enough to believe colonisation isn’t really applicable in their worlds.

So this year … I am recalibrating.

The photographs above are macros of our Tino Rangatiratanga Flag. It has been through many protests and events and Waitangi Days … and at every one of them, this flag has been flown with pride and protest.

But like Me, this year, it’s tired.

I’m tired of wasting my voice yelling @ the Crown when the Crown does not give a shit about tangata whenua.

Never Have. Never Will. History tells Us that much.

Like most things in my life at the moment though, I need to find my ‘new norm’. I know it no longer includes teaching or tolerating ignorant racists: both brown and white. They’re not interested in hearing or learning or de-stabilising the systems put in place by their ancestors. They are only interested in gaining more of privilege that those systems have afforded them. My fight with them is done. I won’t do it anymore.

Today these macros represent every staunch stand we’ve made; every tear we’ve cried; every spine tingling challenge we’ve given … every crease, every tear, every stain … they’re all laid bare today as my focus changes.

Tehei Mauri Ora 

#reframingit #stillresisitingshit

and the point?

the point


is that if


take away



else, has every

donated to you


‘meaningful’ fucking advice …

criticism …

a jab or 10 …

you would be left

with something

quite beautifully


to work with.

Aint that a ‘reframe’

Or what!

the canvas?


with an empty canvas …

what would we do.

ponder that


what the fuck









to whom shall i send it

said Me,

to the twat


the entity

that likes

to make life




australia day?

From My FaceBook yesterday:

#Racism has always been one of my points of #Resistance. ‘No shit’ I hear y’all say For me, it’s taken its many forms over the years and more recently, ‘direct angry response’ has led Me to a more sarcastic non-hikihiki approach. By this I mean … If you cannot understand what it is Indigenous / Coloured folk have been Resisting for, for hundreds of years; it is not my job to educate your ignorant asses. By ignorant, I mean those who are Unwilling to learn.

So on the eve of what I deem to be yet another tyrannical ‘holiday’, which is disguised as the ‘unification’ of ALL, but which is actually the brutal assimilation of ALL – which disregards history and continues to ignore the immense cost the Indigenous Peoples have endured … I have but 2 thoughts:

#WhiteAustralia (@theCrown) and it’s following, really need to get with the program. You are way way behind the times. And I think I would actually dub you the colony that is still playing catchup re history, colonisation, racism, acknowledgement and change.

To All Our Indigenous Compadre, whose whanaus were murdered, brutalised, raped, stolen … left hanging from trees … We Hear You!!! We acknowledge your grief and your loss and Your #Resistance.

For your viewing … Some Australian History we don’t get to see on mainstream media:

The First Australians Fight Back  – John Pilger – The Secret Country – 1985



the block ~ akua naru

The Block ~ Akua Naru, 2012

oh, you said

did yah …

and that was

supposed to

be My


to obey?

i’m not

a child.

fuck you


fuck off.