Starting to get a grip on ‘being me’. Turns out, being me is slightly complex.

Go figure.

But the person that seems to make it more complex than need be…is ME.

Go figure again.

So I breath … and I don’t punch the wall (It hurts).

And I refocus the lens a little and go back to what is important. What the point is.

And like the photographs I like – I take – its all in the minute detail. The teensy weensy macroscopic zoomed in, thing. And when I can see that, I can zoom back.

I’m part of the larger picture.

I just see it differently than some.

And getting a grip on Me means, that this is perfectly and peculiarly, just fine.

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fatherless~ness ownership?

taken August 2015

‘they’ say, we have a fatherless generation.

or two.

that the fatherlessness is why

we’re mongrels.

[but the polite way of putting it]

they say, that this fatherlessness.

has produced angry, disillusioned, unproductive, undirected peeps.

they say, they are right.

we discuss it like they are right.

but I wonder.


are ‘they’ diverting conversation away.

from what really is?

that this and that generations.

are predominantly ‘colored’, indigenous.

that they in actual fact.

stem from generations and generations

of colonized, terrorized, stolen and raped

generations of peeps.

fatherless, motherless.





less, and less.

and as we look at one thing.


we are focused on one portion of

the result of cultural genocide.

do you think that

if you annihilate a people.

their roots.

that this is in fact

the issue…

we blame fathers.

last decade we blamed mothers.

decade before we blamed laziness.

decade before, the war.

but we were A O K before you fuckers arrived.

You were guests…

You were the ‘conquerors’.

the terrorists.

take ownership

for the mess you made.

and fix it for fucks sake.

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shoulda stayed in bed

#throwback Sep 11, 2015 @ 22:41.

I had to L O L.

I do enjoy how I express myself sometimes ;)

  • one of ‘those’ days
  • dizzy as fuck
  • anxiety raging
  • shaky
  • hyperventilating
  • I found another patch on my head
  • cringe
  • not this again
  • tried to walk down the road
  • the world spun
  • I cried
  • upset, angry
  • home I go
  • home for now anyway
  • WTF, I like feeling good
  • YES, I fucking get that life has ups and downs
  • BUT, cant the ups be just a bit longer
  • For fucks sakes, please
  • Then, ass I caught my breath, just for a minute and stopped the world spinning
  • my father rang…
  • blah, blah, blah
  • me, me,me
  • I haven’t given a fuck about you most of your life…but I want you to listen to me grizzle on about my shit (write a Blog you old cunt!)
  • Yes, tiny bit harsh
  • Yes, I feel momentary guilt
  • Yes, I’m over the selfish prick
  • For now
  • And just as I caught another breath, and made the world stop spinning again
  • My partner rang
  • ‘Guess what’
  • What?
  • ‘You know how I had the MRI the other day?’
  • Yes
  • ‘Well the surgeon rang’
  • What at 730pm?
  • ‘Yes’
  • Wtf
  • ‘Yes, I know. He’s going on holiday’
  • Cunt…my new favourite word btw
  • ‘They found a tumour in the spine’
  • W T F …
  • really, what the fuck?
  • ‘They found a tumour in the spine’
  • Why? How?
  • ‘They said it has to be surgically removed, but explains the pain’
  • ‘They also say it’s not ‘covered”
  • Silence….
  • ‘Dad says hi btw… I chopped their wood cos they’re all sick…and they are cold…
  • he says hi and shame about the house ha-ha…yous can go live at auntys haha’
  • Oh My Fucken God
  • So we are broke,
  • near homeless,
  • near bald,
  • stressed
  • and now tumor-ised…
  • and You are getting them warm?
  • And he’s taking the piss out of our situation?
  • Old cunt.
  • If the tipuna can hear me
  • ‘Make your fucken point already because I am near over it
  • I really shoulda stayed in bed with my pillow and blanky.

my comforts

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i know
your faking it.

#throwback Feb 15, 2016


discussing ‘mental health’

added August 2018

Good old Wikipedia, the lay-woman’s authority on everything from mental health to when a song was first released; notes the following:

“The DSM-5 was published on May 18, 2013, superseding the DSM-IV-TR, which was published in 2000…. Notable changes include dropping Asperger syndrome as a distinct classification; loss of subtype classifications for variant forms of schizophrenia; dropping the “bereavement exclusion” for depressive disorders; a revised treatment and naming of gender identity disorder to gender dysphoria, and removing the A2 criterion for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because its requirement for specific emotional reactions to trauma did not apply to combat veterans and first responders with PTSD.”

So I wondered to myself, who made the DSM the bible of mental health diagnoses?

Google and Wiki say – “the American Psychiatric Association‘s (APA)”.

Okey dokey I say…who the fuck put them in charge of diagnosing shit? Did their overpriced education make them an authority, or the authority on all things ‘unexplainable’? And…what the fuck have they got to do with me? I’m not American? And these Americans, are they speaking for all ‘Americans’? And do they realise that there are indigenous peeps that were there long before them and Columbus or whatever his handle is…long before those crusty dudes? And their exquisite ‘mental’ make up aint anything like the crusty’s? And do they understand that the peeps they snatched up from all around the world, to demoralise and enslave in the land of the ‘free’; they also don’t have the same ‘mental’ makeup as the crustations. Do they understand that those that have chosen to migrate to the all great America, also don’t have the same ‘mental’ makeup? And if the ‘non white’ population out number the ‘non coloured’ population, how is that they can have an authoritative say on anyone’s health, mental or otherwise, other than their own?

To my country and all their mental health theories, I’m rocking the same thought pattern. How can they have an authoritative say on Maori mental health, when they know nothing of our state of being? How can they diagnose and medicate after dissecting and eradicating our own health system and ancient forms of healing? How can they know when they don’t know shit?

People are all the same, in the sense that when we are cut, we bleed. We inhale air…however that may be…we are alive.

But we are not all the same.

I’m not talking division and one peep is better than another type bullshit. I’m saying that we are all distinct, different, unique, individual and a ‘one off’. There is no one like me. There is no one like you. Similar, but not exactly the same. And that right there is what makes it all so fucking beautiful.

But to say I have a mental health issue, based on some crusty American Psychiatric bible; that neither pertains or relates to me, is some of the most backward thinking bullshit that makes absolutely no sense what so ever!

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me: ‘aren’t our bodies amazing creations …’

them.says: ‘but you need to change …’


me: ‘ohhh sorry … I meant to say: My Body Is Amazing.’

Thats All.

my beach

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do not

tell me

how i should respond.

#throwback May 4, 2016

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White Genocide and You: The troubling truth.

Excerpt – ” Slave holders called their slaves lazy, both as a way to justify and explain the cruelty which was required to make them labor without requite and as a psychological trick which allowed them to avoid grappling with the fact that they were committing a massive crime to avoid honest toil.”

Source: White Genocide and You: The troubling truth.

An insightful and informative article re White Genocide. For more visit


aint you.ay.

you get I’m not you.


you get that i don’t do

like you.

you get that me is not you.


that my experience.

aint yours.


otherwise, i’d

be you

and how fucked.

would that be.


*said in a large tone of dripping sarcasm*

#throwback May 3, 2016 @ 10:01

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Guest Post: Liberals need to check their views on “violence”

#throwback: Jun 30, 2017 @ 23:42

I’m still perplexed at the idea of differing feminism … but I do wonder, if our up and coming ‘liberals’, or whatever they like to call themselves, didn’t have another club to join? Possibly?
I chose feminism, a very long time ago, as a political view / as a response / as an activist voice … I don’t particularly need a label to define what I am, however it assists with perception.
More importantly though, I chose feminism as a response, because of the ‘violence’ I had experienced, as a woman (with a vagina) … and I did not want my daughters (with vaginas) to be recipients of this type of degradation, because they were female. This is not a perception, it is a reality. It makes me wonder of our ‘liberals’ have actually experienced any type of violence other than breaking a nail?

I applaud this womans stance, and the ‘balls’ for saying it as it is!

For more on this topic and similar, please visit:

Source: Guest Post: Liberals need to check their views on “violence”