hey girl.

hey girl, with your thoughts

hey girl, with your dreams

hey girl, with your wishes

hey girl, with bright eyes

hey girl, with a radiance of hope

dare not hope

dare not shine

dare not wish

dare not dream

dare not think

read between the mother fucking lines

youre only good for a fuck

note: it should paint a vivid picture of the messages we receive advertent and inadvertently, everyday, as a biological female.

it’s time that shit changed.




women don’t …

I was recently informed that my ‘cursing’ and how I ‘speak’, can be intimidating.

Thats right; intimidating.

At first I was slightly offended so questioned the bearer of these good tidings, as to their interpretation of this statement.

They espoused that ‘people generally’, don’t like the use of profanity as a second language, especially in a public setting (physical or cyber spacey … *eye ball roll*) and that its use sounds … ‘protesty’ … and draws attention to ones self.

But wait, theres more.

Capital letters are indicative of Anger or Yelling.

The speaker pauses and waits for a response …

And is still waiting, because I chose not to make any rebuttal with this fuckhead.

But I thought the points were interesting … not, ‘generalised’ interesting … more like … Oh, you’re one of those dicks that likes to use manipulation and ‘they say’ tactics to silence women.

‘Go fuck yourself’.

Thats all.

ps: my favourite meme ;)

(not my meme)

kpm ©


why hurt?

its not that they couldn’t

or even that their honesty was

more to do with their own insecurities.

it was that they did.

that they said it

with no consideration,

of me.

kpm ©


another insomni-atic night…

Yes, its one of those nights, when all the relaxation before bed, all the ‘quiet moments’, get completely fucked up and here I am at nearly 3am, deep breathing with my EmWave breathe pacer and listening to Allen Stone…Is this love that I’m feeling…over and over.

Shit is deeply fucked up.

I am trying to embrace the moment, sleep or no sleep…but I find myself particularly angry. Angry because I cant sleep; angry because I’m cutting down my fucking sleep meds…and if there’s one goddamn thing I do really well…that’s to not go back on what I’ve set for myself! Grrrr ….. I’m angry that the other person that resides with me, gets a little titchy when they don’t get any sleep, but cant sympathise one little fucken inch with me needing to go to fucken sleep but not being able too….and when I am asleep the fucker sounds like a bloody tornado raging through the house Grrrr again ….

its  not just the not sleeping though….its the fear of going to sleep that gets me every single fucking time. I need to be the last person asleep in the house…I need to make sure all the windows and doors are locked…that everyone is settled, before I can move off into the land of vulnerability…where sometimes I’ll dream a pleasant dream…but mainly I’ll dream busy, dizzy, breath-taking, hideous dreams….that leave me sweating or crying or shaking or with a stench in my nostrils….or if I’m really fucking lucky, it’ll be all of them….Its bullshit!!! Tiring fucken bullshit.

Thank the heavens for Allen Stone…for music….

I need to sleep…think I’ll take my music to bed…and sleep in the spare room….

kpm ©