another valuable lesson learnt.

yep. today had another learning moment *insert eyeball roll*

as i enter the 9th day of recovery post exhibition & granted, the hormones are wreaking havoc at the moment … i watched as my partner strolled off this morning to attend our nephews birthday party … of which the rest of my family is attending also …

& i realised that while peeps are all congratulatory ‘on the day’, & have no real idea of the ‘cost’ its taken to get to that day … they also have no idea of the cost i pay afterwards.

this isn’t a one off phenomenon. it’s been like it all year as i’ve tried to build up the amount i can do, put up with, endure … enjoy.

& on the ass end of all that, where are the congratulations for dealing with the aftermath?

*looking, looking & still looking*

i got a whimsical ‘you’ll be right’ & a bit of a bland ‘oh well …’. but why am i surprised? or is this just another learning moment?

ok, i’ll take it as another fucking learning moment. lol.

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