ANZAC – for my Grandad

Every ANZAC day I think of You; I remember you getting up at some god forsaken hour, ironing your ‘tweeds’, getting your medals together and heading off to the local RSA, ready for the dawn parade. I remember you telling us about the bugle, about General Freyberg, about your army ‘cobbers’. But I only ever remember going to 1 dawn parade with you in all of the years you were with us; shame on me.

But today I think you would’ve been proud of Mama and me. We took your photo – of You, General Freyberg and ‘Lorry’, to the Lakeside commemoration.

Grandad…Muaupoko were so welcoming…we told them your stories…mum told them the Tiny story and the Turkeys story :). They loved your picture ;). They sang you a waiata xo…you would’ve been so proud, felt so loved, and honoured, and humbled.

I know the event was for Freyberg, but for me, it was for YOU. I miss you…and I love you.

I won’t ever forget xo

(not my meme)

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