hey, did i tell yah ..

since this whole apocalypse bs started & every cunts self-isolating cos they have too & social distancing has become an actual fucken thing *insert big ass eye ball roll* ..

i have ‘attended’ 2 concerts.

pausing for big ass effect.


it seems that because the majority can’t ‘do it’ anymore, artists, franchises … services etc motherfucking etc have upped their game to ‘include’ what is now the ‘new norm’ & now majority.

again with the eye ball roll …

but .. its not all shit ..

because of this new ‘norm’ i got to attend a concert or 2 lol.

to save going into again as only i can ;) .. i’ve cut & pasted a FB post, cos yeah ..

included are 2 little pics.

one is a screenshot lol of a video of the first concert .. Erykah Badu.

again .. with the dramatic pause for effect.

the second screenshot is off the handy dandy phone so also not the bestest pic ever .. but who cares ay .. & that is a near 45k deep musical / dj experience brought to the world by D Nice.

Nice right.




“so for me, this was everything 🖤
short backstory cos, well, just cos .. you got somewhere else you need to be ?? 🤣
its been 10+ years of being ‘self isolated’ 🙄 thanks to pts(d) etc. & dont get that twisted, i’ve managed & self managed to & @ all lengths to be able to live in a state of some kind of ‘normalcy’ (which btw just got flipped on its ass for the majority, overnight .. but i aint bitter 😑😐🙄) & functionality.
but the 2 things i have missed the most is cafes (with decent fucken coffee of course) & music & dance eg concerts.
attending a concert or festival was on my list of ‘hopefully achievable’ goals for 2019. by like june, i knew it was above my pay grade for the time being.
for this year .. little did we know then 😑 .. i had tried to make the achievable goals more realistic. ‘concerts’ were put to the end of the list as “probable of not being achieved in this lifetime” for me, & i had decided to look @ ‘alternatives’, but not even knowing what that would fucken look like!!!
& then fuck me sideways .. a world wide pandemic hits .. & just like that .. shit has become available that wasnt available before.
dont get me wrong .. i would have preferred that all the shops, departments, corps etc that i have tried to deal with in the last decade, had taken their heads out of their asses long before it became a worldwide necessity, so peeps like me didn’t have to twist ourselves inside out to get product, service .. normalcy .. just like everyone else! but its taken this.
anyway .. from out of the creativity & ingenuity of an artist like ms badu .. i got to attend my concert 👊🏾✊🏾😭😭
& i cannot explain how fucken grateful i am.
music is everything .. especially in times like this. or for someone like me, in everyday life, music has been my life saver 😘🖤
#GratefulAF  “

the erykah concert .. boom :)

D Nice .. & i’m a happy little fucker ;)


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week 2 ..

week 2 of birthday month, brings Astoria coffee beans by @ebonycoffeeroasters , & shout outs btw, to a place I’ve been frequenting for years, not just cos they have the bestest beans ever, but they have integrity to boot 🖤
so, the plan was 4 different coffees & 4 different books .. but plans change right ..
it’s becoming more like : 4 different coffees, 1 book, & thousand different places in my little paradise, to curl up into a ball & read & generally be grateful af for where I am 🖤

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bit behind the 8 ball ..

mind due, dont think theres really an 8 ball atm.

so shiet ..

i’m right on time ;)

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for everyone thats tuned in regularly for my pts(d) rants: none of the following will come as a surprise. 

the rest .. hmmmm.

for more years than i care to recollect, i have been explaining myself. well, explaining my ‘disorder’ anyways. 

as have peeps like me.

we’ve had to explain to family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, assistants, workers, businesses we interact with, health workers … the list is too tedious to enshrine here. but needless to say, its a fucking substantial one.

there have been reports compiled, long hours in waiting rooms and ‘health care specialists’ offices .. explaining if not near begging, for assistance, understanding, meaning, clarification …

& then, overnight & just like that .. everyone on planet earth finally gets what it means to give consent & not give consent, non-consensual touching, what a safe space looks & feels like, what is appropriate & in-appropriate boundaries .. 

its a fucking shame that its taken an apocalypse & near worldwide lockdown to understand what is a basic fundamental right of every person .. every child .. every womXn .. every mXn  .. every person & thing that is dependent on another for protection.


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#apocalypse 101 learns

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the beginning of birthday month ..

its an irony really .. but im embracing it, boarder-line, loving it.

so, as was planned, this month is chilling the fuck out, with the coffee i love & good books!

no shit .. didn’t even plan for an apocalypse, but here we are ;)

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the ‘walking dead’

pts(d) & the zombie apocalypse

go together like bees and honey.

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