blame game…

the parent

for not protecting

for not loving

for not noticing

the teacher

for not teaching

for not educating

the crowd

for not acting

for not responding

the bystander

for freezing

the friend

for not intervening

the siblings

for not notifying

the victim

for being in the wrong place at the wrong time

for wearing their skirt to short

for being too flamboyant

for being to gay

for being to vulnerable

for being drunk

for being to small

for just;



the perp






“thats abit short isn’t it”

for you? or for me?

Note: statement is used to 1. induce ‘second-guessing’ of oneself and 2. if anything ‘untoward’ should occur ‘later’ then statement can be used in the longer version of : “I told you, you were just asking for it”.

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