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Another trip to my beach – Yah Me <3

Theres a hundred and one things to love down there … harder to concentrate on just 1 thing though. So typically Me-Styles:

I’m trying to marvel at the wonders that are the super-sized seagull, and get a decent photograph of him … but every time I get a little closer, he waddles out a little further. He’s looking at Me like … ‘dude … you know this is My backyard ay … not yours …’. And it occurs to Me how intrusive I am being … ultimately, How intrusive We are on our surroundings which were / are technically somebody / something elses surroundings first.

Wow … thought Me … is this what it feels like to be the coloniser! Lol … Not cool!

So I stopped creeping up on this glorious bird, and left him to it, and I ended up with this shot. Which actually was pretty cool … In the background is Kapiti Island, and compared to birdie here, looks very small indeed.

Which is also what I felt like LOL … small and intrusive and slightly ignorant.

Lesson learnt: Blend … don’t take Over.


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