have you ever seen my profile thingy?

If you haven’t, here it is:

So … duly noted in the Likes, is ‘lower case letters’.

Is this enough to put Me off a particular Theme … Yes. Yes it is 🙂

I had picked an awesome alternative … it had a snazzy little title line thingy, and everything looked neat and tidy and ‘minimal’ (also another one of my Likes) … But … it won’t let Me do my site heading in lower case letters. Buggar.

Now I understand when I can’t do something like ‘my f’s from left to right’ –

as seen


yep down there (cos it won’t let Me lay it out like I want FML lol)

– yes, it is my right to pen the letter any way I choose, however they obviously don’t cater for that – Yet.

But lower case letters is standard privilege, nay, a Right IMO!!

Anywho … back to trolling the themes 🙂

The renovation twat is back and I’m listening to soothing music so he doesn’t mess up my groove 😉

toodles twitter …

So twitter got the chop … See Yah 😉

Over the next week or month or so … or however long it takes, I shall be combining both of my blogs and doing some more ‘reconstruction’ of categories etc …

The great Reconciliation Process lol.

Please bear with Me as I figure My shizz out 😉


suicide thoughts … no, not mine

Thanks to the renovation twat, I am finally getting to all the ‘started’ ideas and posts in the infamous ‘drafts’ section …

Oh, and the cunt finally took a lunch break, just as I’d flipped back 1/4 of a sedative, and donned ear plugs under the hat and ear phones … geez, bloody bastard …

Anyway …

It’s been a busy-ish week … well, pretty much a typical week for Us.

The partner got another phone call 2 days ago, to say another mate had committed sideways.

Note: I’m not very reverent about the whole suicide thing .. I’ve written about this shit before, but again, I’m to lazy to find them and link them … so good luck with that. Suffice to say: suicide is death. And we all die. Period.

Anywho … the partners mate. Dead by suicide apparently.

Then comes the phone calls, the well meaning ‘oh my gawd’ sentiments, the emotions, the tears (these aren’t the partners of course … he’s pretty reserved about this shit … and is a ‘long processor’ so reacts late in the game); the ‘oh shall we go down and see the family; see if they need help’ … the, ‘how horrible – i didn’t realise the guy was so sad’ … the, ‘oh yeah, he was disturbed alright’ …

And as I listen and take it all in, as only I do … my reply to the whole thing was …

“Well, at least he got the final say and he’s chilling now”.

Not very empathetic and compassionate apparently. Pfft.

But wait … theres more!

The partner gets another phone call yesterday and it turns out, when the dude tried to top himself, the medics had resuscitated him and he had been put on life support. The following day the ‘doctors’ have stated the dude had fucked himself up good and proper (but in medical terminology) and they were going to pull the plug on his life support.

So as they’re hovering around the bed filling out the necessary paperwork, this dude starts moving his toes, then his feet. Holy shit … he’s still kicking it! So, no flipping off the proverbial switch today!

And after that news, something even stranger happened … well, its strange in My world.

“Are you still all going to see the family”, I asked …

….”Ummmm … not sure … ”

Really? Why? –  Dude is still alive! … isn’t it better to see him now in case he doesn’t last … or support him now, since his spirit seems to want to keep fighting … are you going to all show him the love and support you were all expressing not more than 48 hours ago when you all thought he had croaked?

Apparently I am cold and heartless – but I think they are … this dudes ‘friends’ that is!

Apparently the dude has had a hard life and had gravitated toward a ‘club’ (gang) of sorts, for the comradeship and family feel … as a lot of our peeps do. My challenge to this lot was, did they only support the actions that appeared staunch and strong not broken and empty … and if they were truly the adoptive ‘family’ of this dude, then what the actual fuck?? Were they all shit?

Apparently I’m not supposed to talk about them or too them like that. Pfft … get fucked!

I am bemused by what people are … their conflicts, their ‘fake-ness’, their sense of deluded obligation at what I would consider the wrong end of the stick.

It makes No sense to Me.

Never has.

Never will.

The dude is still on life support. And as far as I know, only 1 mate has gone to see him.

fuck the water blaster

Renovation twat is at it again. Arggh. This time he’s waster blasting …

  • just so you know
  • its the noise
  • the constant noise that doesn’t fucken let up
  • it’s loud
  • it’s uncomfortable
  • why?
  • because it grates my nerves
  • because i can’t hear whats happening
  • for those with ‘spacial’, peripheral and hardwired reactory issues
  • like pts(d)
  • hearing is everything
  • and when you can’t hear shit over a fucken water blaster
  • it messes with the feng shui
  • thinking about cutting his power outlet
  • or maybe a slug gun pellet to the water blaster itself
  • unfortunately, he’d still come back … tomorrow
  • so
  • instead
  • head phones and music that’ll stifle that noise out
  • lock my doors
  • cleaning?
  • nah, bit of extra blogging i feel

Fuck water blasters and water blasting cunts …

not twittering twitter

I’m thinking I may finish up my twittering … it’s not really my jam. I remember Johanna saying she couldn’t do twitter, mainly because she didn’t like being confined to 140 characters. And I think I’m beginning to agree with her!

I’m a bit of a long talker / explainer, when I get going … and I like the freedom to express myself in a variety of expletives, if necessary.

But when the little twitter troll pops up after I hit ‘tweet’, and it tells Me I need to be more clever-er with my words so I can fit what I’m saying into the provided, 140 … I get pissed!!

I’m not good with being told what I can and can’t do lol.

And what I have discovered, is peeps tend to be quite nasty – not all of them of course – but I think some may have misled themselves into believing that ‘nasty’ and clipped, is the same as clever and ‘direct’.

It’s not.

But all this got Me thinking about reducing my social media thing-a-me-whats-its. I like Instagram and it’s awesome for my art. I love Blogging … I get to be as short or lengthy as I like. And Facebook … well, its Facebook. No explanation needed really … It’s not great … It’s not Bad.

Kinda like my hairdo at the moment.

I’ve been toying with the idea of combining both my blogs. I separated them to begin with because I couldn’t juggle the 2 threads of art / photography with being pts(d) ridden. What I’ve come to realise, is that they are one in the same thing.

They’re both Me, and I need them both. Thats what reconciliation is about 😉

So, there may be a few changes round here over the next few months … don’t worry though … I’ll still be gangstah 😉