365 reasons to smile ~ 11.

11. Homemade Bacon and Egg pie 😊

*Ahhh yes … Me loves food ;)


#throwback Jan 11, 2016


ok .. over it …

So apologies still apply … but 100 blogs in and re-following done, and I’m over it lol. Yes, I’m a lazy fucker …

So, if it looks like ‘I’ve’ (WordPress actually) unfollowed You, please comment and let Me know :)

*Note: that does not apply to the ‘money management’ sites and the aforementioned penis enlargement site. #JS*

Cheers :)


ummm … and then this happened!

Thankyou … every single one of you delightful human beings …

even the trolls … and even the spammers … and even the dude trying to sell penis enlargements (fyi, word to the wise, yah might wanna try your own supplements first before selling … I don’t think they work!).

dear un-moderated sir:

I note your comment thusly:

“stoop leave the hashtag #meme at the the pictures? Do think were dumb? We can read it. It’s a mem, ok”

And here is where i shall respond to you, you rude twat:

  1. Spell check motherfucker!
  2. Sentence construction check motherfucker!
  3. The hashtag and ‘meme’ or ‘photograph’ notes and explanations are for those who don’t use Sight as their main form of communication.

For future reference, if you don’t like something within my posts:

  • Scroll on Bitch.

Kind Regards



FB changes:

‘Tis the season for a good old cleanse: No, not the colon type, but right up there with ‘feeling better for it’.

For those following Me’s FB Art Page, here’s the new link:

Follow at thine own risk ;)



This was just tooo funny to pass by …
Go visit Jim and his Travel Porn and all the other exciting things he talks about … like Pizza and Coffee … explained only as Jim can explain it :)

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

IMG_0094-XLYou go to Paris and you want to go to the Louvre.  Why?  Because that’s what tourists do in Paris and besides you can spend a couple days just in the Louvre alone just to see everything.  But people go to the Louvre to see Mona.  Why not?  I did.  And you then have the pleasure and experience of being behind all of the other tourists who want to see her as well.  And there’s push and shoving and elbowing and smelly people and it’s just a mess.  And you finally make your way to the front and you’re disappointed because she’s behind glass and there’s few options for not having light reflection glare on the glass in your pic.  I know.  I have it in mine.  You end up disappointed.  You got to see her and she was amazing and all that; but you’re disappointed because of the quality…

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~ Soren Kierkegaard ~

Life can only be understood backwards;

but it must be lived forwards.

 ~ Soren Kierkegaard ~


hi Johanna :) ~ #orangetheworld #day13

I love seeing your little ‘painkills2’ avatar popping up when i peruse my old posts … I miss you.

the B side | the re write

#orangetheworld to end #VAW and girls! #16DaysOfActivism #day13 “Alberta First Nation women hold rally after another sex assault charge laid against chief”

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updates please

It’s been a few hazy dazy confusing and slightly stressful weeks. Not anything specific, just a build up I think.

My head has been pounding for weeks and my shoulders feel as tight as a bitch, and I’m pretty sure thats what adding to the tip. I’m still on 1/3 antihistamine and as was the plan, I won’t drop it again till everything else settles down. No use pouring petrol on an already roaring fire aight!

Add to this, my gutts is doing some interesting things; whatever it is, it’s adding to the anxiety … my nemesis!

So back to the basics: the deep breathing … trying to relax my body … focusing on whats important and flipping the rest … I ended up taking a 1/4 sedative today though, just to try balance shit out.

*I note, 2 houses have just been sold: the one next door to us and the one over the road, and these money makers have decided to renovate before they sell on. I have nothing against renovations, however, all the noise puts me on edge. Me and noise – especially power tool kinds of noise – seem to fuck with feng shui massively. This then sets off my eye sight – every thing starts feeling way to bright – brighter than it actually is and that messes with my head. Yesterday i was walking round the house with industrial ear muffs on, and ear plugs in, and dark sun glasses on! Amusing to an on looker no doubt, but I was doing my do and trying to minimise the effects. I still needed the sedative today though.

And then just cos … my dreams have decided to torment me again. They had eased a lot, but seem to have returned with vengeance. Some are the usual horrific-ness. But most are somewhere between a really busy day and a flashback. I can smell everything … feel everything. There’s peeps showing up in my dreams that I haven’t seen in years … there’s family members I haven’t seen in years either … some dead, some not so dead lol. Then theres the continuous feeling of dread.

And that dread is feature #1 of pts fucking d.

And so here I am … unfolding … trying to get to the bottom of my deal before I need a little more than a 1/4 sedative!

Que Music Therapy ;)