ngaw, thanks WP …

i think i’ll forgive you for all the times you’ve screwed up my ‘liking ability’, or messed with the follow button, or sent me little notifications that you’ve switched something around, or you’ve just fucking switched shit around …

we are, after all, 4 years into this relationship …


nah, its been a ‘journey’ *adding deep flowy – earthing type music* …

& its been real yo !! xx

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baca bikers.

Although a tad cheesy in places, there is something about this whole thing that gets to Me every time I watch it.

Theres something completely intricate and overwhelmingly awesome about protection … about feeling safe … feeling enabled and powerful. It is what every child has the absolute right and need to feel.

I guess over the years I’ve learnt and lived, what it means to Not be protected, even in the littlest things. It produces a strange type of species, such as I. Almost slightly feral in action. It becomes about survival and it is dam hard to switch your thinking to anything but survival.

I love that these dudes are there to protect, after the fact.

Because that is just as fucking important, if not more important.

(video via YouTube)

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googling ones blog …

thou shalt not google ones blog if thoust is hoping for some kind of affirmation:

I found one of my photos on a dodgy porn site!! Featuring selfies of young girls and selfies of ‘mid-aged’ woman, apparently looking for a screw!


The photo is of sea foam … WTF?

Has anyone any idea who or what your supposed to complain too, to have it removed from the site?

And cheek of them … copyrighting their site! Pfft.

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Thinking of you, Johanna Stahl …

That was a title she’d use when she most eloquently would remember and honour the passing of someone. From the least to the great of them … the Vet who had been forgotten by his country – and the Legends who gave us music to cry and reminisce too. She honoured them all.

And today, fresh warm tears that I can’t seem to stop for the fucking life of Me … have plagued my day, as I remember a most bodacious woman who has left a most bodacious mark on Me.

Strangely enough, I never thought I would find it such an emotional thing – to lose a blogging bud. You know – never having met in person and all. But the strange thing with this blogging routine – you find the loveliest of people in the strangest of places.

Johanna has a way with the sarcastic and profound. And I think these are two of the things that I admire the most about her. She shot straight, and I mean straight, from the hip. Not to wound, but to kill.

She’d show up on my sad-ass posts, right at the beginning of my blogging career ;) … and to begin with, I thought she was some kind of freaky stalker who was looking to sell me a set of ginsu knives or religion or something.

But she came to encourage; to challenge; to take the piss out of something; to cheer up; to deliver information.

I came to look forward to and smile at her Gravatar; knowing that there was bound to be something I needed to hear or didn’t want to hear, all wrapped up in one huge fudge brownie, Trump dissecting comment ;)

And I’m going to miss her; terribly and profoundly. And I know I’m not the only one <3 She means a shitload to a shitload of peeps.

I know she’s an atheist and doesn’t believe in the religious concept of heaven; but I hope that wherever she is right now – she’s chilling with Prince and George Michael – oh and Carrie Fisher – smoking some delectable bud and eating some homemade brownies ….

Pain Free At Last <3

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survival hints. your welcome.

  1. Charge your cell phone before night-time and before you go out.

2.   Have a ‘get away’ pack with you all the time.

Pack should include:





Car keys

Cell phone, charger



Bottle of water

(all in a plastic bag)

3.  Know all exists in every room.

4.  Have a weapon within arms reach.

5.  Your best defence is your voice; use it.

[While PTSD is a bitch, its taught me things that your average peep doesn’t take into consideration – how to survive in the meanest of circumstances with minimal resources at hand.]

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discussing ‘mental health’

added August 2018

Good old Wikipedia, the lay-woman’s authority on everything from mental health to when a song was first released; notes the following:

“The DSM-5 was published on May 18, 2013, superseding the DSM-IV-TR, which was published in 2000…. Notable changes include dropping Asperger syndrome as a distinct classification; loss of subtype classifications for variant forms of schizophrenia; dropping the “bereavement exclusion” for depressive disorders; a revised treatment and naming of gender identity disorder to gender dysphoria, and removing the A2 criterion for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because its requirement for specific emotional reactions to trauma did not apply to combat veterans and first responders with PTSD.”

So I wondered to myself, who made the DSM the bible of mental health diagnoses?

Google and Wiki say – “the American Psychiatric Association‘s (APA)”.

Okey dokey I say…who the fuck put them in charge of diagnosing shit? Did their overpriced education make them an authority, or the authority on all things ‘unexplainable’? And…what the fuck have they got to do with me? I’m not American? And these Americans, are they speaking for all ‘Americans’? And do they realise that there are indigenous peeps that were there long before them and Columbus or whatever his handle is…long before those crusty dudes? And their exquisite ‘mental’ make up aint anything like the crusty’s? And do they understand that the peeps they snatched up from all around the world, to demoralise and enslave in the land of the ‘free’; they also don’t have the same ‘mental’ makeup as the crustations. Do they understand that those that have chosen to migrate to the all great America, also don’t have the same ‘mental’ makeup? And if the ‘non white’ population out number the ‘non coloured’ population, how is that they can have an authoritative say on anyone’s health, mental or otherwise, other than their own?

To my country and all their mental health theories, I’m rocking the same thought pattern. How can they have an authoritative say on Maori mental health, when they know nothing of our state of being? How can they diagnose and medicate after dissecting and eradicating our own health system and ancient forms of healing? How can they know when they don’t know shit?

People are all the same, in the sense that when we are cut, we bleed. We inhale air…however that may be…we are alive.

But we are not all the same.

I’m not talking division and one peep is better than another type bullshit. I’m saying that we are all distinct, different, unique, individual and a ‘one off’. There is no one like me. There is no one like you. Similar, but not exactly the same. And that right there is what makes it all so fucking beautiful.

But to say I have a mental health issue, based on some crusty American Psychiatric bible; that neither pertains or relates to me, is some of the most backward thinking bullshit that makes absolutely no sense what so ever!

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