its aight ..

hear me :

by turning or weaponising any attempt at intimacy, as me being some dirty lil whore.

means you aint no different than everyone else. anyones whose attempted that. anyways.

although i feel strangely embarrassed and humiliated. which feels weird.

also unheard & misunderstood, again,  but then kinda meh ..

it aint nothing new.

that there has been so many who have taken the time to try and make me feel diminished, so as to make themselves feel better.

is tiring.

but to laugh, or make light of, my wound … on my trauma.

my gapping but healing wound ..

my, try every day to manage my reality, wound ..

is beyond what I imagined it would feel like.  does &  did , feel like.

youre not the first to dismiss, to try and minimise what you believe to be the issue.

youre not the first to try and validate your disdain and disapproval masked as disappointment. youre not the first with the inability to be truthful, fully.

& youre not the first to stomp your foot at my boundaries.


you are the last though.


& today im gonna rest.


& you can go fuck yo’self.



decide & take.


the takers:  those whose lack of decision making skills &  boundaries, directly effect your safety & well being.




saying, on the one hand, its just fine that i be me-self.

and, on the other hand, i impede the right you think you have to grope me, with my boundaries thusly labelled as an ‘illness’;

is not fucking ok.

its also a tad rapey.



oh, you said

did yah …

and that was

supposed to

be My


to obey?

i’m not

a child.

fuck you


fuck off.

kpm ©


being grabbed?


I Don’t Like It.

It Is Not

a compliment.


It freaks Me

the fuck out.

How many ways

do you need Me

to explain it?

kpm ©