ruminating on the demise of the pedo cunt

this has been swirling around the grey matter for a few days. since the conversation with my girl.

i haven’t let it effect me too much. so thats either progress, or dissociation or both lol.

i found out the pedo cunt has yet another victim. not surprising really.

there is a strange thing that happens though, in the psyche of the victim(s) of pedo cunts generally. we tend to believe, or come to believe, that we are the only ones. i think this is in part due to the disbelief that their sickness is indeed a sickness … like a disease, it spreads. we tend to believe that (maybe thats for preservation of our own sanity, I’m unsure) their deeds must have been a one off; that they couldn’t have possibly gone around fiddling with everything in sight and no-one notice it.

through my studies though, i gleaned that the average offender will have racked up a cool 20+ victims in the course of an average lifetime. these are minimal stats. the true representation is far higher, given that the average offender may have started in their teens and die in their 60s. most of these are unreported.

but these stats alone are revolting.

so back to the pedo cunt at hand.

turns out a neighbours son had quite a bit to do with him. enough time spent for the pedo cunt to introduce this child (7 at the time) to sadistic pornography. if anything else was done to the child, this has yet to be disclosed.

if anything was done to his siblings; this is also unknowen.

the likelihood of the pedo cunt having only picked 1 of the siblings for his loathsome pleasures is unlikely.

this leaves me wondering – how the fuck does the universe let this revolting human live on? why?

on a more realistic note however; it makes the idea of outing him completely and utterly, a likely scenario, to commence very soon.

i won’t dwell on it to much here. at the moment.

i can’t.

i just needed to get it out of my head.

use yah .. initiative??

“I expected you to

Use Your Initiative”

he says …

as he’s

looking for his undies

his socks

the lid for the milk

his car keys

his eftpos card

his appointment card

his phone

the lawn mower

the rubbish bin

his drawers,

where all his clothing lives


shall I go on?


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sideways motion ,
a drop and a descent
a scream,
and a movement
as I waited

to seek assist
you would think
is not to much
but as you
like a retarded
it would seem
you are more
than, I.

I does not care
of your busy
of your thursday
of your transport mode
I does not care
of your feline
your fellow ship
your a point
your busy
I, cares about I
not lame
ass wiping
cunty excuse s

day job
or night job
your job
is to provide
assist – ance


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it seems to me

that if conforming

was easier

my types

of peeps


wouldn’t do it


First Published on: Mar 13, 2016 @ 12:22 😉

that said

all I ever




was the same


as you


the freedom


to choose


make a choice


like you do



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mine to hear

i hear you still

feel you still

soft, flowing

yet, strong, persevering

and before you

there were others


my women

that strengthened

and taught

gave backbone

and softness


and resided

deep in the echoes

of my soul

i still hear you

your songs

your melodies

the way you patted

and rocked

swayed to the music

when its dark


i still hear you


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so fucking annoying

Should of been 365 things that are
Fucking annoying

Think I would’ve found it easier
To come up with daily shit

For example, well 21 examples:

1. Windows 10 reminder update
2. The neighbours Bogan music
3. Holiday makers
4. ACCs, ‘please hold’, music
5. The cat
6. Ultra fast NOT broadband
7. Spell check, that respells FUCK into DUCK
8. There’s no FUCK off button for Facebook
9. Facebook
10. Randoms, that text the partner for favors, not me, the mean one
11. Pop up ads
12. The rip in my shorts
13. WordPresses new ‘New Post’ layout
14. Messenger
15. Junk mail
16. Fast drying paint pfft
17. No brownies
18. Running out of water
19. Battery in the tablet going flat
20. Charger for the tablet shitting itself
21. Spellcheck changing shitting into shutting and having to go back and change it!

Now that was easy peasy

I suppose no Buddhist monk
Ever said the old inner peace
And tranquility,
Was going to happen during the adverts



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mauri of me #31 ~ karakia




Homai to Aroha



My god.

I let Go.

Bring Love.

I Agree.

The beautiful thing that exists within our language, is the use of ‘definites’ and the lack of confusion.

It is what it is.

one of those (good) days and lots of random thoughts

i’m feeling the right side of the page today.

ok i changed my mind, left it is.

oh, and bullet points I reckon

  • the house is quiet; the partner had a night out.
  • nice and quiet 🙂
  • its cold as fuck.
  • i like cold as fuck.
  • unless i don’t have the fire going, then not so much.
  • it’s just started pissing down.
  • ahhhh my kind of day.
  • i might even go for a walk.
  • without my umbrella 🙂
  • did i tell you i was knitting?
  • well yeah, i’m knitting.
  • a jersey, i think.
  • i call it ‘free-style knitting’ lol.
  • i can hear my Nan while I knit, saying … “good Lord” … lol again.
  • i’m on my second large cup of coffee … with cream.
  • (maybe thats why i’m having so many random thoughts hmmmm)
  • thinking about getting the washing off the line.
  • Meh.
  • think i’ll have pork for dinner … thanks to Jim and his pork recipe 🙂
  • oh
  • did i say my assessment is this month?
  • like in a couple weeks?
  • makes Me nervous.
  • bastards.
  • my Mamas cat died.
  • that was sad.
  • we planted catnip on his grave.
  • our cat loves it.
  • so, i’m not voting this year.
  • i feel like i’ve let the feminists of old down.
  • but somehow i think they’d understand.
  • our country is fucked.
  • i had coffee with my Mama yesterday.
  • that was cool.
  • the twat at the coffee shop wasn’t so cool though.
  • feeling more sensitive to ‘awkwardness’ at the moment.
  • makes Me want to stay at home.
  • forever.
  • my lawns need mowing.
  • but its raining now.
  • Sorted!
  • we’ve got this one Calendula plant / flower, that refuses to wilt and die.
  • i admire it 🙂
  • she’s in the flower bed and all the other calendulas have shut up shop for the winter.
  • she just sits there looking all shiny and happy.
  • she’s gangstah.
  • i had some limoncello last night.
  • think I’ll be making some more of that stuff … yum.
  • i rearranged the house again.
  • i needed – S P A C E
  • my antihistamine use is still at a 1/4 of a tab
  • effectively 2.5 mgs of citerizine
  • but i get itchy.
  • bloody annoying.
  • it’ll pass though …
  • i wonder
  • if there was nothing ‘wrong’ with anything, then effectively nothing would need fixing.
  • right?
  • and who gets to decide what is ‘wrong’ and what is right?
  • the outside of the house needs cleaning; it’s got ‘salt’ residue all over it.
  • ‘Beach living’ problems lol
  • oh, but its raining.
  • Sorted.
  • i noticed a lot more grey hairs on my head.
  • oh well.
  • i’ve got a onesie with frogs all over it.
  • it’s bright pink.
  • I Love It 🙂
  • i haven’t figured out how to grow vegetables during winter.
  • What Would Grandad Do?
  • wish I had actually paid attention when he was alive.
  • oh well.
  • theres an odd feeling in our little town at the moment.
  • theres been lots of burglaries etc.
  • and lots of complaining.
  • it feels like the community are banding together with pitchforks; ready to find ‘the scummy culprits’.
  • think it makes Me slightly nervous.
  • cos we’re Brown.
  • the partner was accosted by the ‘community patrol’;
  • yes they’ve started one of those –
  • and a big light shone on him.
  • he was asked what he was doing out at night.
  • the partner didn’t take that very well and responded rather assertively – but in a humorous tone –
  • he said they looked like they were trying to impersonate the police, and that, in this country, is a crime.
  • they switched their spot light off;
  • and lowered their tone.
  • they seem to have forgotten though, that there was a child murdered here less than 2 years ago.
  • but people are still not as important as property round here.
  • i don’t like that.
  • i might go finish my coffee now.
  • and light the fire.
  • whew.
  • big brain alright 🙂

366 reasons to smile ~ +218.

+218. 🙂image