freestyle: bal-ance.

balance. theory or bullshit? i’m riding bullshit atm. #throwback Apr 4, 2015

hormones, NYs and panic fuck addendum:

The down side to living in ‘paradise’, is every cunt comes here for the holidays. 2013 population stats for here were around 600 but I think thats closer to 1,00 now. It’s a small place, and apart from the usual summer bustle, it’s pretty quiet. That’s how I like it. Then over night our population…

trans …

so if i’m menopausal, doesn’t that technically make me Transitional? and wouldn’t that, at last, mean – that i would become gender non-specific? both societal and biological? Yuss … finally! hallelu-Jah ;)

366 reasons to smile ~ +323.

+323. :) LOL #meme On a backdrop of pink, red and white wild flowers, the following is written: “Am I perfect? No. But am I striving to be a better person every day? Also no.”

366 reasons to smile ~ +319.

+319. Yup . . some of us learn the hard way … but at least we learn ;) #meme “I’m done. I’m sick of his shit” Narrator: She was, in fact, not done and went on to tolerate his shit a further 7900000 times. SaveSave

shit a brick

you know, for someone who empties their bowels everyday; I’m still pretty much, full of shit.