I Am Jane Doe


I watched  “I Am Jane Doe”.

Holy shit.

I’m still a little gob-smacked so am reverting to my trusty bullet points for now.

  • The movie is about child sex trafficking and changing the laws in America which allow children to be sold on the internet.
  • These sites, are buy and sell pages; but with an added bonus – Children for sex for sale.
  • The issues I had with copyright and pictures being on a website with pornographic picture of children on it, are the issues that this movie are referring too.
  • Apparently it is alright to sell children for sex and exploitation; especially on the internet.

Ok. Breathing.

The good?

  1. The gutsy survivors of this predatory behaviour, along with their parents and lawyers, are still fighting to have the laws changed, which allow the pornographic depiction and selling of children on the internet, to happen.

Fuck your freedom of speech laws America … this is some bullshit alright.

2. What we always knew to be true; that predators come in all shapes and sizes with all sorts of inclinations, are assholes; and are supported by assholes. And these assholes are becoming more brazen, which in my opinion, will be their demise.

Fuck your inclinations and your ‘rights’ … Children should have more rights than you assholes.


366 reasons to smile ~ +158.

+158. Me 🙂



366 reasons to smile ~ +146.

+146. No explanation necessary.


366 reasons to smile ~ +135.

+135. Found this one on my FB page and it made Me LOL … Until …

The chickie that had posted it decided to PM Me and groom Me for her new online business LOL … By the time I had finished with her, it was She, who wasn’t laughing … and I got another LOL out of that! 😉


366 reasons to smile ~ +68.

+68. Yep … thats Me for any sort of controlling bullshit 🙂