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dead peeps ..

‘what? yous don’t talk to your dead people?’ is my new come back.
after a colonised lifetime of fighting to look “normal” re talking to the dead 🙄 this year I decided, fuck it, imma just listen & try & go with it.
so, this will be the first intentional setting of #matariki I have observed. what that meant for our tipuna probs looks way diff than my take on it, but with much debate & negotiation 🙄🤣 it’s ending up as a crossover of #poroporoaki meets #diadelosmuertos with a #hakari to twist it out .. I know, I know 🤣 negotiations included me highlighting to said dead peeps, that I am but one peep & resources & kai are limited atm, so no, your bonoffee pie is gonna have to make nek years menu geez lol & that yes, I hadn’t got my ass into gear & printed off the photos I was going too 🙄 but really, what is a photo but a memory ay 👀🤣 & they agreed, finally 😊
so this is all about honouring my peeps, making sure they are remembered, their stories (whether they be slightly stretched or not .. ) be told. that they know they are loved & missed. that I can shed a tear but smile at the same time.
cos at the end of the day, they are why I’m here right .. & yes, you are welcome 😊 🖤
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Homai to Aroha


Today is my biological fathers birthday.

He’s in the country. Again.

Theres been no congratulatory response on the birth of his great-moko; but we are not surprised.

A sad little man he is.

But I didn’t dwell on his inadequacy, or his selfishness. He is what he is.

He’s not Me and he’s not my family.

I still feel a touch of disdain for him, but I am nowhere near where I was.

Today I celebrated life. Just not his.

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celebration ~ kool & the gang

celebration ~ kool & the gang, 1980


unfucked? really?

What the?? Why is this the focus of mindfulness I hear someone somewhere asking …

This revolting little drink was left sitting on a side cabinet but my Millenial pre-mixed drinking daughter. At first it absolutely got on my nerves … I’m as fussy as fuck when it comes to my house and cleanliness … as I marched over to pick it, and its undrank contents, I had too smile.

You see, last evening I arranged a ‘girls’ night, My way. At my home at the beach … good food … good drink … good company … plenty of laughs and a shit load of talking. Aside from this filthy little excuse for an alcoholic beverage … all of the above was Most Excellent.

Not a twinge of anxiety; not a twinge of ‘I wish I had fucken cancelled’ LOL … I enjoyed the fuck out of it.

I’m beginning to realise that ‘My New Normal’ is going to take some work and some getting used too, but that it can be whatever, wherever, whenever I need it too be so that I can participate in and / or get what I need, on my terms.


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