forgiveness isn’t for me. it’s to help you feel better.

a thought / feel

somewhere in there, i can hear my insides wailing. groaning with distress ..  ..

watching my body break, my muscles contract, my soul contort.

why didn’t uze help me ..

what was so awful about me that uze couldn’t

See .. Act.

ignoring the most basic of humanities ..
how could uze.
How. Could. Uze.

you could see the demon. & ignore it’s actions.

you didn’t just let it live, you let it thrive.


sheeeeit ..

wouldn’t have thought that it’d be so hard.

but so far.

its hard.

a different kind of fuckery.

& not to take away from the good shit thats been happening.

but holy shit balls.

i dunno even what month we in.

& its been a fucked up ride so far.


hey girl.

hey girl, with your thoughts

hey girl, with your dreams

hey girl, with your wishes

hey girl, with bright eyes

hey girl, with a radiance of hope

dare not hope

dare not shine

dare not wish

dare not dream

dare not think

read between the mother fucking lines

youre only good for a fuck

note: it should paint a vivid picture of the messages we receive advertent and inadvertently, everyday, as a biological female.

it’s time that shit changed.





finished licking the ringhole

of the pakeha yet?

still think they have your best

interests at heart?


yah know:

they never did.

and they never will.


just like a rapist

their intent is not what it appears.

they have not


tendency toward equality.

they are here to take.

and take violently.





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featured artist: hank willis thomas

The artist, Hank Willis Thomas, talks here about ‘reframing’ what we think we know; what we perceive, or how we view things. His work is designed to challenge our perceptions, misconceptions and views.

To view more of his beautiful and extraordinary work visit: http://www.hankwillisthomas.com

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