couldn’t find one …

A different theme that is; that I completely dug like I do with the current one … so I’m sticking with my Syntax for now … It does everything I want and is as minimal as I need for Me to feel at one with My universe 😉

So a couple minor tweaks and I reckon I’m set.

And all is alright with Me’s World … for now.

*Breathing a contented sigh of relief*


(toodles) pumau

Toodles Pumau – It’s been real ❤
Welcome my fucked up pts(d) fairy light squiggles 😉


Maori – pumau

English translation – ever

English adjective – constant

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toodles twitter …

So twitter got the chop … See Yah 😉

Over the next week or month or so … or however long it takes, I shall be combining both of my blogs and doing some more ‘reconstruction’ of categories etc …

The great Reconciliation Process lol.

Please bear with Me as I figure My shizz out 😉



Transsexuals, Sex Reassignment Surgeries & Prostitution In Barcelona — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Photographer Paola de Grenet is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography. From her project ‘Life as a Transsexual‘. To see Paola’s body of work click on any image. Barcelona is a liberal city with a vast community of gays, travesties and transsexuals. It is a […]

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yeah, ok …

So,as I sit here downloading more episodes of Dora the bloody explorer, for moko #4’s impending arrival … listening to the fire roaring, cos its also bloody freezing … feeling toasty in my birthday slippers … and looking super comfy with my Nanny bun on top of my head …

A thought occurs …

‘When did I stop being gangster?’