366 reasons to smile ~ +136.

+136. I didn’t … but I hope I will someday 🙂


my response : activism ~ response to copyright infringement and child porn

As you know, well for those of you who actually read my shit: some fuckwit decided to pinch a photo of mine … of ‘sea foam’ ffs … and repost it, with my site name on it … to a fucking porn website depicting underage girls in all manner of fucking disgusting-ness.

For those who know my shit, you would’ve guessed by now, that this has fucked with my world slightly … for a few reasons … the obvious being – kids being fucked with!! Yes it pisses me no end that some cunt has violated my ‘space’ … but hei aha: my shoulders must have gotten a little broader over the last couple years; fuck that I say.

But then placing my shit on a site that depicts the violation children has gotten all my heckles right up there!

So the point of this post – aside from having yet another rant about it, in true Me form … is to let you know that I will be removing all photographs over the next couple of days, relating to my family, especially my mokos. If anything, this has all been a valuable lesson in what is ‘not’ protected on the net … Children!

So I won’t be doing my usual posts for a couple of days until I have ‘reconstructed’ my sites adequately … Soz about that … but not 😉 [ this kinda of fucks with my organised, anal as fuck feng shui, but its worth it 😉 ]

And finally, I wanted to make sure those that are unaware, as I have been, of the process you need to take if you should come across kiddie porn scum and their filth in the course of your surfing the web. Yes, theres shit we can do. If you’ve been anything like me, you’ve just tried to get rid of whatever is on the screen, hoping that’s the end of it.

But it isn’t.

Just remember, you may be able to delete it off’ve you’re screen; but whoever is in those depictions, is someones child!!!!! Even if they look 16 or 17, they’re still someones child! And they are people … little people! That require our notice and fucking protection! And btw … the age of ‘consent’ (I’m not talking about ‘giving’ consent here), is six-fucking-teen!

So, in conclusion … here’s my photographic depiction of the debacle thus far, and since no cunt wants to take full responsibility for the ‘questionable’ site, feel free to peruse these closer to get a real ‘feel’ for the abdication of responsibility that is so readily evident here.

Cheers … See yous on the flip side … aka coupley days 😉 

k p m ©

As I am reasonably inept in regards to the functioning of cyber world, and posting educational material and uplifting photographs are the realm of my know-how; stumbling upon a cowritten stolen photograph on a pornographic website featuring underage girls, came as a bit of shock to the system.

Needless to say, it has been an enlightening couple of days.

I am grateful that said photograph was not personal in nature and it has been a lesson in what I will be posting in future. Whilst I am not inclined to be dictated by some pervert thief, and a network provider that abdicates any responsibility in assisting with the provision of details because they do not ‘control the content of their customers’; I will be taking down all photographs from my websites, that are family related.

I thank all those that have genuinely ‘liked’ and commented on these photographs and perused…

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update re (kiddie) porn bastards

While I’m slightly disturbed some cunt has pinched my shit and posted it on some dodgy porn site …

The contents of that site disturbed me more.

And as I ruminated on what to do … I came up with this semi-solution:

Because no child should be on any site like this!!

a. I contacted this place:

b. and laid a complaint about the site.

Filthy Mongrels.

money money fucking money

I wrote a post awhile ago re: my sister and her insurance … and the greedy bastards that are trying to take it for themselves instead of letting her children have it …

Yeah well .. the update on that is:

Her ‘estranged’ husband … her ‘legal’ husband, none the less, is applying for the insurance. He has a legal right to it apparently. He is ‘allowing’ her children (one of whom is 23 – the others range from 10-14), by verbal agreement, to apply for half of it.

Apparently I am not to say anything to dickweed until after its been settled, just in case the fucker decides to change his mind and the kids get nothing.

So I’m complaining about it here.

Until after.

Or until I come up with an alternative plan.

This bastard has money. To live comfortably anyways. They didn’t have children together and were ‘together’ for about 2 years. When he decided to put his hands on my sister; she left.

I really don’t understand the gall of this prick. The greed and mongrelism of him.

He thinks its alright to take money from my sisters children. And he will sleep just fine at night. He’s that sort of asshole.

This sort of bullshit annoys the living shit out of me. And although I’ve had my say to the family, I haven’t spoken directly to cunt face … it would appear he is ‘available’ to take calls at the moment … Pussy.

But now I’ve sort of vented … I’ll wait.

Nothing like a bit of waiting to fuel the fire ay.

Oh … that’s right … but wait, there’s more:

My grandmother passed away a long time ago … and a cousin has come out of the woodwork saying that she was entitled to some of the inheritance … as promised by Nan apparently. According to her, we, spent it all and she’s going to take us to court to get it back.

Guess what bitch … there was No damn inheritance!

How about asking for a photo … or something to remember her by … you know, something personal … but No, all she wants is money money money.

I told my mother to let her go to court … and good luck. She won’t find anything. Nan was a pretty frugal lady and saved what she could … but she was by no means … ‘rolling deep’!

What is with the greedy bastards at the moment???

They seem to be everywhere … and they have no qualms about being out in the open with their self-centred greedy money-grubbing behaviour!

It’s revolting …

old and worn and waiting…1989

Someone tried commenting on this post today (spam-a-lammed!), so it showed up in my feed again.
So I re-read it …
holy fuck …
I really am surprised sometimes, that I am still here 😉


I had never seen a sunrise until I spent the two months in hospital prior to having my baby girl. And because I hardly ever slept, I was able to witness my first sunrise from the top storey window of the hospital. It was beautiful. I had a lovely nurse who spent hours talking with me throughout the night. I didn’t really notice then, how nice she really was. As always, I just believed she was doing nothing more than her job.

Thankyou nice nurse lady. Thankyou for your letters, your conversations and especially your kindness 🙂

I was a good Mum. For someone so young, it came quite naturally. She was my everything. And all I wanted to do was protect her and love her and give her the very best. Of me and what the world had to offer.

Hindsight: That’s a hard thing to do when you…

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Teela Hart’s Survivors.

For a Friend of a Friend:
re Domestic Violence Survivors and their children.

To make a donation follow the link at the bottom of the original post. Thankyou.

Americana Injustica

I know people have wondered about it: the way that one of my dearest friends passed out of this world in silence almost a year ago now – without a word from me about it on my blog. I have gnawed a hole in one cheek over her death and the subsequent silence that has been attached to its deeply reverberating shock waves.

Teela was like a sister to me…she will always be like a sister to me.

The reason behind my lack of public response to Teela’s death is complex:

My late friend has children, the notable forces behind her strength and perseverance, the driving factor behind her survival for many years out of her life, the most recent years. Her children, as innocents, have undoubtedly been victimized alongside her throughout her domestic violence Hell over the years; they have also been subjected to loads of trauma and grief…

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365 reasons to mile ~ 307.

307. There’ll be a few of these kiddie picture posts  .. .I found them on Facebook .. .and can’t credit the author / artist because they weren’t listed …

But kids are by far the most purest, innocent joy there is .. and these pics slash spelling ‘mistakes’ slash memes, I find fucking hilarious! 😉



365 reasons to smile ~ 212.

212. This brought back some memories … I remember teaching my oldest girl to make her own bed when she was about 4; she wanted to ‘help’. She’d pull everything up and fluff her pillows, but the opposite side, where she couldn’t reach, always looked like a dogs breakfast LOL. It would kill me not to re make it … but she was soooooo proud of herself 🙂 Ahh the things we mamas do xo



365 reasons to smile ~ 145.

145. Found this book in my clean up too. I bought it for my oldest moko when he was about 4. He wanted to know why he couldn’t wear a dress; or pink tights; or have sparkles – like his sister. I told him he could if he wanted … much to his parents uncomfortable-ness lol. We used to read this book so he knew it was just fine to wear whatever he liked and be whoever he wanted! After awhile he decided on a Spider Man costume and a Spider Man persona instead of the dress, tights and sparkles 😉 He wore that thing everywhere … for an extremely long time lol!


todays beef…

I’m currently having an ongoing ‘debate’ on Facebook, re ‘forgiveness’ (the christianity version), versus a perpetrators ‘need’ to apologise.

This has stemmed from the following article and pertains to legislation that the Crown used to beat Maori children for speaking their native language.

I’ve responded in my varying ways, but am still agitated.

My agitation has more to do with societies response to child victims of abuse, as adults. It annoys the living fuck out of me that there is less than no understanding of what a child has to endure; what they do endure; and what they are left with after that fact. It doesn’t just go away … any abuse. And to refer to Jesus’ call to forgiveness is also appalling and completely misunderstood.

I’m not Jesus. I don’t follow Christianity. I don’t really “DO” religion of any kind. However, I was raised in a ‘Christian’ household; and I know the Bible.

And this is what the Bible says regarding those who hurt children:

Matthew 18:6
“If anyone causes one of these little ones to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

Please note: this scripture doesn’t mention ANYTHING about forgiveness. It also says ‘it would be better for…’; I wouldn’t mind knowing then …

What did he have in mind for those who DO hurt children 😉