to christian.

pretty hard to be a ‘christian child’ in a world that isn’t yours & is hell bent on making you its bitch.



my short version religion conversation.

i dont like religion. in particular : christianity.

i dont agree with it. i dont believe in it. i dont like it.

i am particularly adverse to being told i need to be something else, so i dont end up in hell.

guess what fuckers … hell is here. & i aint buying what you’re selling.



jesus heals.

or so said the condescending christian cunts on FB.

apparently jesus cures everything. including pts(d).

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wife bullshit

had a recent interesting reminisce with FB compadres re my past life of church-going wifey-ness.

i was never really that good at either to be honest.

thank fuck.


both are bullshit.

and thats where i’ll leave it.

ps: not my meme.

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yah know what … i got beef … again.

So whats fucking new ay … but in my un-zen-like state at the moment, some fuckery occurred to moi. So this post is one of those ranty ‘getting shit off’ve my chest’ jobbys. No apologies … it is what it is and here it is:

When my kids were small-ish: like 5 and 10 … I was attending church … I know – pause and soak that in lol … yes I used to willingly go to church …. arrgh … any who, during this time I did what I do … ask a tonne of questions and put everything I was ‘learning’ to the test.

a. ‘as a church family, we are here to support each other’.

Fuck did I push that one. And what I found out was there were 3, maybe 4 peoples, at a stretch, who practiced what they preached. Those beautiful peoples became quite close friends over this time.

b. ‘you need to have more faith …’

A christianity classic. Turns out its just a tool to shift blame and make the aforementioned ‘supporting’ line, invalid. You see, if its deemed that you don’t have enough faith, then the hardships that you may face are actually your own fucking fault … so there.

Now over the years I’ve tried to chip off the shit I had taken in on this church adventure and the one I was subjected to as a child. The latter was a little different.

I had no choice in whether I attended church or not.

In hindsight, after many many years, I realised it was good for my mama … she may have been a very different person if she didn’t have the ‘support’ of her church … although I also did wonder if she would’ve been supported more if she had’ve had white children, not 2 illegitimate brown children.

But it was what it was.

Today I felt a pang of fuckery brewing in my gutt. As I was listening to my partners angst on some (what I considered) trivial situation … and all I kept thinking was:

“Harden the fuck up man … nothings going to get handed to You”

It took me back abit: like, where the fuck did that attitude come from.

After a little dissection (as I do), I remember many many times of inadvertently being bashed about with the good book and that line (just a little more palatable so to speak) being repeated over and over again.

Yes see … I remember being told as a child that I had it good. That my mother was trying her best and I should just ‘behave’ and ‘trust god’ … that if I had faith (whatever the fuck that was .. ) then my derelict brown asshole was bound to find heaven. Yeah, yeah: I fluffed all that up ‘Me Styles’, but its the basic jist.

Somehwhere along the line, I retained this bullshit way of thinking. That if I just grovel enough, act weak enough, pray enough, have ‘faith’ enough, be forgiving enough, work hard enough, act strong enough … which I might add, all fucking contradict each other! …. Then I too can enter the pearly gates; possibly at the back of the line after all the ‘good white people’ have entered first … Yes, I too can get there.

Not till years later, did I figure out that Jesus was a dark skinned dude and looked nothing like the pictures portrayed of him. Jesus was also pretty gangstah … didn’t mince his words and was blunt to default. My kinda dude. So beef was not with him or his life work.

It was with the self righteous cunts who had re-shaped Jesus’ life into some kind fucked up cult like thing, to get people to do as they were told.

I’ve since learnt thats called fascism.

End of rant.

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todays beef…

I’m currently having an ongoing ‘debate’ on Facebook, re ‘forgiveness’ (the christianity version), versus a perpetrators ‘need’ to apologise.

This has stemmed from this article and pertains to legislation that the Crown used to beat Maori children for speaking their native language.

I’ve responded in my varying ways, but am still agitated.

My agitation has more to do with societies response to child victims of abuse, as adults. It annoys the living fuck out of me that there is less than no understanding of what a child has to endure; what they do endure; and what they are left with after that fact. It doesn’t just go away … any abuse. And to refer to Jesus’ call to forgiveness is also appalling and completely misunderstood.

I’m not Jesus. I don’t follow Christianity. I don’t really “DO” religion of any kind. However, I was raised in a ‘Christian’ household; and I know the Bible.

And this is what the Bible says regarding those who hurt children:

Matthew 18:6
“If anyone causes one of these little ones to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

Please note: this scripture doesn’t mention ANYTHING about forgiveness. It also says ‘it would be better for…’; I wouldn’t mind knowing then …

What did he have in mind for those who DO hurt children ;)




like them

and like them,

they said it was ok.

with their mouths.


but their eyes.

said something different.

and their souls.


yes I can see them.


their souls said a completely different



watch my hands.

i’ll sell you something

you don’t need.

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