big ups to those:

who hate this time of year,

for what ever reasons.

may the force be with you lovelies!

from Me.





strangely enough though,

i’m actually in a good mood ;)




argh, christmas …

i’m more in tune with the grinch than that fat white dude that apparently comes down the chimney to eat your cookies & leave gifts … okay, so if that’s not creepy then i’m not sure what is right!!!

anyway, FB, town, friends houses … are all getting lit with the ‘christmas spirit’ apparently, cos its fucking christmas & this is the time to be all festive & expensive & good vibey & shit …

but i aint doing it this year … @ all.

i announced to the girls i’m not ‘doing christmas’ this year, as set out on the gregorian bullshit calendar. it’s not christs birthday, so what are we celebrating?

this year it’s officially become a celebration of ‘december day’: a day when the mokos papa gets a day off’ve the working bullshit. *insert eyeball roll* it’s some fucked up shit all right.

i’ll leave the rest of my christmas sentiments, right here:

not my meme. but i like it. wish i had’a thought of it.

oh well …



Although Christmas Isn’t Really My Thing:

I’d like to take a little bitty moment to thank you all for your follow-ship (see what I did there;) ) over the past year (s) … I really do appreciate the shit out of every single one of yous!! … (except maybe that annoying little freak that comments but doesn’t hit the ‘like’ button … why? just, why??  …)

Seriously though: Have a safe and most righteous day From Me to You.

And for those that are a little stressed with family and shizz … heres some free advice for you all …

You’re Welcome <3

#meme is a photo of an ‘underwhelming’ specimen of a man (lol) lying under a christmas tree. The caption reads:

Gonna go lay under the Christmas tree to remind my friends and family that i am a gift.



“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” :)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Frank Sinatra, 1957

once upon a time,

there was “Christmas”:

a narrative that


an old white dude

breaking into your home,

hanging around a bit

and leaving gifts …

while you sleep.


Wonder who benefits from that narrative.


366 reasons to smile ~ +359.

+359. BOOM!

Merry Christmas Y’all ;)

#meme is a photograph of a big red sign, which reads:

Three Wise Women

Would have asked for directions

Arrived on time

Helped deliver the baby

Brought practical gifts

Cleaned the stable

Made a casserole

and there would be

Peace on earth!