so … major depressive disorder ay

these cunts and their diagnoses’ *insert very large eye ball roll*:

thats the diagnosis the almighty clinical psychologist has tacked onto the awesome pts fucking (d) label because accident compensation fucking corporation require a label aka diagnosis, so they can ‘assist’.

god knows how long i’ve been waiting now, for this awesome ‘assistance’; and aside from the psychologist last year, i am still waiting …. waiting … waiting.but considering, a tidy 7-9% of mdd diagnose-ees end up toping themselves, you think the long wait is a little ironic to say the least!

do i feel like this added title is some kind of ‘sentence’ … nope.

all i can say to the mdd title, and the rest of the twats that diagnose shit, is …

Not fucking kidding!!

try being sexually assaulted, repeatedly … try understanding the ‘whys’ … try making sense of that shit so you can live some kind of life worth living … go on .. try it …

see if you don’t end up a little Majorly Depressive … pfft.

Oh, and apparently ‘they’ can’t know ‘why’ people actually get mdd … oh, and apparently they don’t know ‘how’ to fix mdd … oh, and apparently they don’t really know shit about shit! awesome …


but on the upside … i figure my handle can be updated. Introducing:

Me MD(d), P(ts)D


and thats how i deal with that shit … Majorly Depressive-ly, take the piss!

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