366 reasons to smile ~ +312.

+312. LOL … I so would if I could 😉

#reads: I brew my coffee with the tears of my haters.


366 reasons to smile ~ +309.

+309. Or thereabouts 😉

Dictation ~ Meme reads:

I’m looking for a coffee that hides the fact that I’ve been tired since 2010.





366 reasons to smile ~ +280.

+280. LOL … and thats enough for Me 😉



366 reasons to smile ~ +273.

+273. Yep it does. It really really matters.


366 reasons to smile ~ +248.

+248. Yes I am 🙂



366 reasons to smile ~ +234.

+234. Mmmm Coffee 🙂



bacon, eggs, coffee, my beach & my yesterday

Had a hankering for a few things yesterday … mainly for fresh air and my lovely beach.

Which, by the way – whilst I’m explaining: I tend to call everything that is land, nature, the sea … MINE. Why?

a. Because I am Tanagta Whenua.

b. I am the land, nature, the sea.

So when I post my “My Backyard”, photos – this is what I’m referring too. Sometimes it is literally my backyard, in the pakeha sense of the word. Others times, I’m referring Aotearoa: My Land 😉

So in amongst the hankerings of yesterday, bacon, eggs and coffee, was on my agenda.

So we decided to mix it up, and combine all of my hankerings 🙂

Yep thats right, we packed up the gas burner in the back of the car, headed down to My beach and had a fry up 🙂

What better way to enjoy food? Can you think of a better view to enjoy all that deliciousness too?

Me neither 🙂

the elusive cup of coffee

Every morning I do the same routine.

Get up …

put the coffee on …

take a dump (twitter it at the same time 😉 ) …

put the washing in …

pour the coffee …

Blog and update my social media who-hah.

And every single morning … I lose my coffee cup. How? How is that possible?

When I find it, it’s cold, but I drink it anyway cos theres no way I’m wasting that elixir of life … I pour another one … and promptly lose that one too.

Same routine.

I’ve tried travel mugs, smaller cups, brightly coloured cups (easily spotted was the hope) … and I still lose them. And when I say lose; technically they’re not lost, because they are still within my vicinity … but I’ll spend at least 5-7 minutes walking around the house looking for that cup every time I ‘lose’ it.

It’s never in the same place, which is also annoying. I put keys in the same place … so I can go back to them when I need them … I put my hair brush in the same place … my tweezers … nail clippers etc etc … all those little things that seem to get misplaced easily.

But A Cup?

What gives?

As far as 1st world problems go, this is up there … but I thought I’d just throw it out there … yah never know, the coffee cup gods may smile upon Me and help Me find my elusive cup more easily tomorrow morning 🙂

love the free stuff

I was looking round my little house the other day, and it occurred to Me that virtually all the stuff in there …

*quick digress – theres not a lot of stuff – I like things minimal … and there’d actually be less stuff, but the partner is a fucking hoarder LOL … FML! – end digression*

… Is free.

As in, it was given to us, or we found it, or ‘inherited’ it, or made it, or re-cycled it … or it was out the front of someones house, marked “FREE” 🙂

No shit!

I think the only thing Me and the partner have bought as a ‘couple’ is a mortar and pestle … oh, and my coffee grinder.

Yup, thats it. LOL.


366 reasons to smile ~ +123.

+123. And that coffee has to be a decent one … none of that instant crap 😉