365 reasons to smile ~ 74.

74. 1 shot, soy, mocha … at a cafe! 😄

Haha … I’d forgotten about this day :) #throwback to Mar 14, 2016, and I remember the mind fuck it was to get here lol! I think I was still sitting in the back seat of the car at this stage … not sure … but I was definitely still trolling around my pillow and blanky and anything else that would soothe the nerves :)

I still do the self soothing mish – but I don’t do soy, the back seat or pillow and blanky missions ;)  … got a way to go yet before I can sit comfortably in a cafe and enjoy my coffee … but I am nowhere near where I was xoxo


photography .50

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365 reasons to smile ~ 49.

49. My coffee grinder 😊

#throwback Feb 18, 2016! Haha, and this little beauty still lives and grinds my coffee beans into beautiful powdery coffee substances ready for brewing ;)

Thats a shit photo though lol oh well xo



365 reasons to smile ~ 44.

44. Morning coffee ritual 😆


#throwback Feb 13, 2016 …. and the coffee ritual is still exactly the same … except I think the partner broke that cup hmmm.

Cheers to coffee rituals!! xo


365 reasons to smile ~ 6.

6. My coffee perculator. The love of my life :)image#throwback Jan 6, 2016



unfucking thyself 101.44




Homai to Aroha



I’m feeling there’ll be a little coffee appreciation over the next couple of days … yesterday was #coffeebeans and today it’s a macro #photograph of my coffee grinder.


Because I am doing a dreaded experiment. Arrgh.

I only have 1-2 cups of coffee per day, usually in the morning. I love my coffee … I love the ritual … the smell … the whole experience! I cut down years ago because my coffee consumption was way OTT … I’m talking, at minimum, 15-20 cups per day, not counting those bought from a cafe! So to be at 2 cups is pretty gangstah.

I’m unsure, but I’m wondering if the coffee I am having is agitating the old anxiety and menopausal fuckery.

The only way to find out, is to cut down and see what happens … Arrghhh again.

I hate being told what to do, so because this is my idea, I’m Ok with it.

How is this all mindful and shit … I’m not sure … but it has to do with my long term health and wellness ;)




Keeping it simple today ;)

#meme reads:

Listen, before I had my coffee, I didn’t know how awesome I was going to be today, either.




#meme is of a small monkey sitting in water with his eyes shut … looking rather peaceful. The caption reads:

When that first sip of coffee in the morning touches your soul.


today was a good day :)

After feeling completely ‘ Meh ‘ most of the week, today was a pleasant relief. I managed to tidy up my house, like I like it … and rearrange abit … as I do.  I decided to keep once piece from the exhibition, not because I was emotionally attached to it, but because I Like It :) Now thats a new thing for Me.  So I found him a new home on one of my walls.

I made some chocolate chip cookies for the moko midgets and didn’t eat all the cookie dough for a change, so there was plenty for their little personages ;)

I planted my broccoli / possibly cabbages … not sure what they are … and hopefully they’ll take to the soil and grow. Fingers crossed.

Oh and I forgot to say yesterday: Me and my beautiful Mama went and had a celebratory coffee at a Cafe yesterday! I know right! How did I forget to brag about that one!

I was hell’ah nervous before we left so Mama gave Me a cuddle and said I’d be alright … and I was! I so enjoyed it … so much so I didn’t even take photos!

Yah know what … It’s nice to feel Nice!



366 reasons to smile ~ +312.

+312. LOL … I so would if I could ;)

#reads: I brew my coffee with the tears of my haters.