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Homai to Aroha



I don’t know if this is mindfulness or just contemplative shit or if both of those things are one and the same hah! … But its gonna be short, cos short is what I feel like today … and its about the ocean …

And dark, rainy days.

I’ve gone on about these before and feel like going on about them again. Because … they are 3 things that make Me feel good … not happy clappy good … but calm, peaceful, all is alright with the world kind of good.

Aside from the practicalities ie: the salt air; the cold air and the rain are all absent of over powering pollutant type smells. They’re like a wash for my senses … which is why i think i love them so much and am drawn to them.

The same thing happens in the dark. Theres an absence of smell and noise … it kind of lets my whole being breathe.


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nightmares. 3

There’s always blood, lots and lots of blood. Dismembered people, bodies everywhere. And there’s no one left living. There’s blood up the walls, on the floor, in puddles on the concrete. Its soaked into the bed, through the sheets. It’s on pillows, over mats. It’s throughout the kitchen area, and lounge area. It’s literally everywhere. And wherever I walk I can feel it squelching underneath my shoes. Its sticky in places and slippery in others. And the smell is everywhere.

I wake to that smell. And feeling cold.

yep, they be bitches. JS.

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