i should show abit more ‘humble-ness’:

says the cunt who steals ideas

that aint his own.

so fuck that & fuck him.

don’t dim my motherfucking light!




tides turning.

I’ve been noticing an interesting shift. It’s been slow, but for me, has been noticeable.

Slight back story:

My partner has a horrible habit of being … a critical prick. I can’t think of a nice way to put that.

I understand why he’s like that. I don’t think he does though.

But what I’ve come to realise, is there is no real excuse for it and it’s not something I appreciate at all. In fact I could name multiple times it’s actually set me back … quite drastically.

Alright, thats the unexpanded back story.

Sooooo … the shift …

Usually when the partner has something critical to say, I try and challenge a. his thinking on the matter b. get to the bottom of why he has such a criticism.

About a month or two ago, I decided to stop doing that.

Partially because he’s entitled to his opinions even if they are founded in nothing more than someone elses ideas and / or bitterness.

And partially because challenging him is not getting my desired effect. My desired effect is to get him to shut his dam mouth and not share his opinion of me, with me.

What do I do instead?

I am more direct with him.

For example, of late, he’s had an on-going bitch about my hairy legs.

My reply now is: “You don’t get to have a say in what My body looks like. Period.”

And then I walk away.

He doesn’t like it and if anything it can make him more septic.

Whats been interesting though, is the more I do this, whenever and wherever we are, other women have risen to my defence.

It’s been quite strange and I didn’t notice it at first.

This whole hairy leg thing unfolded the other day, at the kitchen table of a friends house. And as he was semi mocking me and I had said my piece, this woman chimed in: she looked him in the eye and cut him off as he was continuing to mock and said to him … ‘and yet you chose her … you choose to sleep next to her and wake up next to her … you have breakfast with her and lunch and dinner … you make plans and discuss issues … you cry on her shoulder when something doesn’t go your way …’

And yah know what … he shut the fuck up.

Another recent event, with the same ‘issue’ and a friend of mine piped up mid-mock and looks at him and says: ‘i’m sure she doesn’t need you’re approval to shave or not … none of us do …’

And it went silent again.

I think what I’ve loved, is having someone else stand up for me and for him to hear that it’s not just Me. That as a man, he has No right to my body or how it looks.


And this my furry little friends, is a huge turn in tides for Me.

And I’m loving it.

[watch this space]

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“are you going to wear .. that?”

Yes. Yes I am!

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my beach. my criticisms.

i’m happy to say, Iive been able to go for a walk in the

mornings for nearly a week now.

yes, i’m pleased with my awesome self.

11421496_623878084414501_1876018371_ni have managed to deflate my own ballon though *insert eye ball roll*, which i’m oh so good at doing.

“you’re still not going in the middle of the day when there’s ‘actual’ people around

you’re still using your stick though

you’re still carrying your little bag of goodies with you

you’re still listening to your music while you walk

you’re still freaking out a little before you go”

ay! with friends like me who needs enemies right!

i am pleased to inform i managed to quell my own criticisms but note that it’s something i am going to have to work on. that instead of constantly criticising what i think i should be ‘really’ doing, i need to celebrate what i am doing!