feline issues ..

Ok, so I don’t really have a deep and meaningful relationship with our cat. If anything I despise the little fucker … possibly because he has the life I want …

Sleep … eat … yeah that’s about it LOL

But today, I had a little moment of … possible admiration … possible … “OK, I get your deal” … I do after all have unresolved feline issues, but they were put on the back burner a long time ago .. in exchange for more pressing issues  … yah know, PTS(D) and shit.

So the moment of admiration :


Whilst having my morning fag and coffee … I noticed our black bundle of fur, sitting in the pouring rain.


He didn’t move a muscle, just soaked it up and carried on sleeping as it pissed down!

He now has an inch of my respect! … not that he cares … and i feel slightly … ‘bonded’ with the furry little critter!

He does his own thing :) I like that ;)

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