i had biscuits for dinner.

fuck i love adulting this way.

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dinner time?

did i tell yah, we had dinner at my beach?

and it was cloudy A.F?

just the way i like it?

had bacon & eggs btw,

i know, i know.

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dinner at the usual spot <3

No where else in the world

I’d rather be.

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“lets do coffee or dinner sometime …” … yeah … ok

I’ve written about this before:

I Miss Going Out For Coffee at a Cafe.

Of all the things (besides the obvious – visiting my grand babies regularly!), this is the one thing I feel pts(d) has taken that I may never get back. I miss everything about it. The coffee, of course – the smell; the sounds; the idle chatter; the ‘feeling’ … I miss this more than going out for dinner.

And when someone says: “lets catch up … have coffee … go out for dinner …”, can you imagine what goes through my skull? It’s not joy at that prospect thats for sure! It’s usually sadness; a touch of whimsical remininance followed by a sharp pang of guilt then dread … followed closely by a lie … “Sure, sounds great …” … or the truth (depending on whose doing the asking) … “No thats not going to happen anytime soon, but your welcome to do an alternative with Me … Interested?” … which is usually followed by them saying … “Ahhhh … I’ll look at my schedule and get back to You …”

Oh well … It weeds out the flakes thats for sure …

But, the partner misses going out for dinner. The man can eat a small countries worth of food in one sitting! I shit you not!

So the other night he says:

“You want to do dinner at our favourite place?”

Feeling slightly perplexed and wondering what the fuck he’s on, I give him that ‘look’ … and he says : “Our beach. We can have our steak dinner down there.”

Awww … He’s been listening … Finally.

So we did … and while he tried to do ‘wave riding’ I parked up in the boot of the car and wrote and when he’d finished flailing about in the ocean lol … we cooked our steak dinner on our little gas burner and then sat in the sand and enjoyed this view:

Now that’s how ‘dining out’ should be done … and that view! Can’t get that through the window of a restaurant!

And this is what ‘reframing’ pts(d), for Me, is all about. Not just finding ‘alternatives’, but finding something better that becomes the new ‘Norm’.


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italiano & birthday loves.

We started with Brunch for Mama … cos why not, right … if your going to eat all day, you may as well start it off right ;)

Croissants, Melted Chocolate and Coffee (Perculator and Plunger)

1st course, or ‘Aperitivo’, of the Main Menu, was the palate cleanser … Spumante.

Surprisingly (not .. lol) everyone wanted a little nap after that …

2nd course, or ‘Antipasti’, was Pizza … with a shit tonne of Mozarella ;)

3rd course, or ‘Primi’, was Watercress Brodo (Broth). This one, I found particularly gangstah … and for those that know what our Aotearoa boil up tastes like … well this broth was inspired by that.

4th course, or ‘Secondi’, was Lamb Rack with Salsa Verde.

The picture says it all … and the evening sky was just beautiful.

Alongside this course, was the 5th course, or ‘Contorni’, which was Watercress and Green Tomato with burnt butter. Yes, I know …

6th course, or ‘Dolce’ (dessert), was Vanilla Bean Gelato. It came out way better than I expected … and I served it with stewed plums, juice and chopped mint.

7th course, or ‘Formaggio E Frutta’, was a selection of local cheeses and a selection of fruits.

8th course, or ‘Caffe’, was fresh ground beans, percolated … Gang-stah !!

And last but not least, the 9th course, or ‘Digestivo’, was my Limoncello. As the course suggests, this was all about the digestion ;) And we certainly needed a little aid after all that food.

I think what I enjoyed the most was the laughter … and hanging out with everyone I love.

I had such a nice day …

And bonus … my brother gave me this little beauty (not a very good pic soz) … its a beautiful black stone in a hand crafted ‘frame’ or case, otherwise known as Black Tourmaline … renowned for its protective properties <3

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ever made gelato? … nah, neither !

Oh My Lord … In my mind, I thought it looked pretty straight forward … and it is I guess …

If you have an ice cream maker-thing-a-me …. oh and one of those egg beater-thing-a-me’s LOL.

This is what it ‘should’ look like

I’ll let you know the out-come later, and whether the gelato will end up being ‘custard’ ;)

(not my pic)

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italian dinner … take 2

I decided to bust out my Nans dinner ware and silver ware for this dinner. Oh yeah ;)

Nan had amazing taste in the finer things … that none of us appreciated at the time of course. But she had one of those sets of dinner ware that had everything, and like 12 – 20 of everything. All matching; for different elements of a dinner.

Pleased we’ll actually get to use it all again.

I think she’d be pleased too … mind due, she may cringe at the way we end up setting it all up … but oh well xo

Love you Nan.

And we are making progress :)

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