the dreams ..

once i had a dream that my entire jaw bone structure was removed. it was sitting in front of me. i could see it & knew it was mine but my face didn’t feel any different. it was blackened. & i felt like it was old.


once i had a dream that i removed a centipede / caterpillar type thing from my mouth. it was trying to go back down my throat. i grabbed it in my teeth but not enough to break it, just to hold it. then i grabbed the end of it & pulled gently so it would all come out in one piece.


once i had a dream that i knocked 3 men off like grandstand type thing. they were threatening & laughing & grabbing @ me. so i killed them by knocking each one off his perch. i watched them fall to the ground & die. no-one around me said anything. they also hadn’t helped or admonished then fuckwits during the course of their tirade.

afterwards, i felt like i should confess to someone in ‘authority’ & spend a lengthy amount of time in prison for taking their lives. i could learn gardening there. take some time out for myself. 

but why. didn’t they deserve everything they got?

didn’t those around me, deserve everything they got?


last night i had one of ‘those’ dreams. of being groped @; of objecting but not being listened too.

i woke myself up by screaming NO in my dream.

the NO came out a whispered scream, like the air was being sucked out of me. but i woke.

its messed with me feng shui slightly & is making me feel on edge. boarder lining on feeling ‘unsafe’.

but im holding onto the fact that its a dream. that im stronger than i was, than i ever have been. that my response was appropriate & is getting louder. that no matter how much i protest & am not heard, i’ll still keep on objecting & screaming NO to everything & anything that impedes my flow.

im grateful today, for the beauty of nature.


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dreaming, again

the invasion dream.




left screaming,

“leave Me alone”.