just cos …

#meme reads:

When you gotta delete your post because you’re just not the same person you were 6 minutes ago.


australia day?

From My FaceBook yesterday:

#Racism has always been one of my points of #Resistance. ‘No shit’ I hear y’all say For me, it’s taken its many forms over the years and more recently, ‘direct angry response’ has led Me to a more sarcastic non-hikihiki approach. By this I mean … If you cannot understand what it is Indigenous / Coloured folk have been Resisting for, for hundreds of years; it is not my job to educate your ignorant asses. By ignorant, I mean those who are Unwilling to learn.

So on the eve of what I deem to be yet another tyrannical ‘holiday’, which is disguised as the ‘unification’ of ALL, but which is actually the brutal assimilation of ALL – which disregards history and continues to ignore the immense cost the Indigenous Peoples have endured … I have but 2 thoughts:

#WhiteAustralia (@theCrown) and it’s following, really need to get with the program. You are way way behind the times. And I think I would actually dub you the colony that is still playing catchup re history, colonisation, racism, acknowledgement and change.

To All Our Indigenous Compadre, whose whanaus were murdered, brutalised, raped, stolen … left hanging from trees … We Hear You!!! We acknowledge your grief and your loss and Your #Resistance.

For your viewing … Some Australian History we don’t get to see on mainstream media:

The First Australians Fight Back  – John Pilger – The Secret Country – 1985





#meme is a drawing of a biological woman standing with her hand on her hip, in a ‘don’t fuck with me stance’; head scarf on and gun pointed out.

The caption reads: Not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you.


reconciling the hormones #37

I’m beginning to think the whole hormone thing is closely attached to / effects our physicality, and vice versa.

Yes, not ground breaking news for some I’m sure. But for a peep who has been largely disassociated and has only ever really done Physical OR Emotional OR Spiritual, not all at the same time … the above is a big bloody (‘scuse the pun 😉 Menopause humour lol) revelation!



#meme is a photograph of the backs of 2 pug dogs (I think thats what they are – I’m no dog expert 😉 ) sitting in front of a fan.

The caption reads: When it’s date night but it’s too hot for physical contact.


Over it …

Battling with FaceBook

for autonomy

on my art page

that is.

Done & Deleted.

My Instagram game however,

is still strong 😉



thought for the day:

We really needs to broaden the minds folks, #JS.

#meme is a photograph of an alpaca in the snow. The caption reads:

“You support gay rights, you must be gay.” I support animal rights too does that make me a fucking alpaca?


reconciling the hormones #34

This aptly describes the last 24 hours quite nicely!


#meme is a little cartoon picture of a rather round ‘woman’ (looks a bit like how I feel atm!), in her bathing suit and red slippers, carrying a bag and the front of her is singed and theres heat radiating off’ve her.

The caption reads:

The Definition Of A Hot Flush

Your body deciding to spontaneously combust whilst taking you on a rollercoaster ride through the bowels of hell.


reconciling the hormones #33


#meme reads: She believed she could but she was really tired ❤ so she didn’t.


366 reasons to smile ~ +364.

+364. Haha … my response to most things – Life included 😉

#meme reads:

Dear Life: whatever motherfucker. Whatever.


366 reasons to smile ~ +363.

+363. Yes. Yes it is 🙂

#meme reads:

I have a pretty big ass, so when I half-ass something, it’s still pretty impressive.