my response on how we are reporting about sexual assault in the media

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Acknowledging a little girls survival <3 I should have done that first, apologies. Children survive in so many ways, they shouldn’t have too, but they do. To her brilliance and strength xxoo

Ok, this is going to be a long response to this article about a child who was raped by a man.

I absolutely abhor this shit. It is my archillies heel, so to speak. And I know enough about it to have both an impassioned viewed and an educated view.

Heres my beef on how the article is written:

1.”A Northland man high on methamphetamine raped a 3-year-old girl.” –
What, as opposed to a man whose not high on meth?
The proclivity to rape a child is already present. Meth is not the reason; meth is not the excuse. Our ‘systems’ need to stop using it as a reason and an excuse.
2. “His offending only came to light after a doctor confirmed the young child had contracted a sexually transmitted disease.”
What, because no-one noticed that a 3-year-old had been raped otherwise? It would have been/should have been quite noticeable! You don’t get to penetrate a small child and not have some type of outward damage. So this child was checked for damage and STIs? That in itself is traumatic.
3. “The man was invited to stay in the girl’s home but repaid the family’s kindness by raping the girl, Judge Duncan Harvey said.”
Little lesson I live by – Vet the people you invite into your home, especially if you have children. Thats not to say that the family was ignorant; but rule of thumb; I’d rather be unkind than have to kill you for hurting my child.
4. “He was sentenced to nine years and nine months’ jail and given a minimum non-parole period of five years.”
This pathetic. But this is The Crowns fault. Legislation is what it is. A judge can’t make a random decision to lock someone up for a trillion years just because what they did was horrible. Legislation needs to change for sentencing to change. I believe in capital punishment for these types of fuckers; but we don’t do that in New Zealand anymore. For that to change, legislation must change.
5. “In a pre-sentence report the man said he had been “amped up on meth and couldn’t remember anything” when he raped the girl.”
Thats is a typical pedophile excuse. Its not an excuse we should even be listening to anymore, let alone putting in any official report.
6. “Given her age there was nothing she could have possibly done to resist you. You raped this little girl when you knew you had an STD and you just didn’t care,” Judge Harvey said.”
But raping without an STI is ok? Really, what are we saying here?

How we report and how we notify and how we sentence says more about us, as in our Country’s, inability to operate effectively in regards to this type of crime. We like to excuse, be it ever so slightly, a perpetrators actions. Whether that is in our wording, or the sentencing….and we disregard a victim. Whether its because we can’t wrap our heads around the perpetrators sickness or it makes us feel uncomfortable. It is really beside the point. His actions are his. He has the sickness. The child was the recipient of his sickness.

How in the world did we come to believe that this type of behaviour is alright? We can all do a little haka about it, and say we don’t think its OK … but we all allow it in one way or another. Whether that be by not speaking out about old school offenders and offences … people that appear inappropriate but no-one wants to say anything… family members that do this shit on a regular basis, but again, no-one wants to say anything. We all allow it to happen.

Aside from legislation changing, our view on the right a child has to safety, also has to change. Dramatically.
Our view on what we do with perpetrators also needs to change. Dramatically.

This little darling is going to need a shitload of love and support and medical care…as is her family.

His sickness was already there … and this little darling was an opportunity.

Lesson for all: Lessen the opportunities these fuckers have.

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said me: on the ongoing TPPA debate;

I had to have a little LOL at this #throwback Jan 23, 2016 @ 14:47. I do get quite passionate about certain things, and those that have been around for a while will know one of my pet peeves is the Crown aka government.

That hasn’t changed. But I’m a little less vocal on those cunts these days. I guess I can thank the US of A for that. Their POTUS is way way at the other end of the spectrum … our lot is teetering in the middle somewhere.

Now they’re not really my focus. I’d prefer to focus on Me, my health, my familia … oh don’t get Me wrong, I still be preaching decolonisation on  any given day ;)

The following is a not well received opinion  of mine, via Facebook; but who cares ay?….I have a long-standing record of pissing off Facebook friends with my ‘boardline activist opinions’….funny thing is though, they’d rather bitch on about what ever it is I’m writing about and espouse their right-wing views in the hope that I’ll ‘see the light’…but they don’t unfollow or defriend me…interesting!

Anyway…this particular piece was sparked after I viewed a news clip (which I can’t open on this thanks to Windows 8 want me to upgrade to 10 fucker), which states Maori, or tangata whenua may ‘snub’ our current prime minister on Waitangi Day, if the Crown chooses to sign the new TPPA legislation, due to be signed day before Waitangi Day I think it is.

Now whats interesting to me, is that we invite the Crown to ‘celebrations’ on Waitangi Day…its not a celebration for starters…its a reminder that the Crown has never lived up to their side of the deal. And secondly, the Crown is not interested! So why invite them? Its like some bad relationship that indigenous kept returning too, begging that they ‘like’ us! They’re not going too…they almost annihilated us for fucks sake!

So, I got slightly pissed and decided to flex my freedom of speech…lol.

Via my Facebook Page:

“now not to sound like the broken record….but this fucker has always been a fucker…those he works for/with, have always done as they pleased and moved the goal posts as they please…they dont give a shit about waitangi other than it gave them a legalised foot in the door…they’re not interested in patrnership…never were, never will be.
When will WE stop inviting the fuckers to peace talks/negotiating talks….when will WE stop asking for their goddam permission!
Dude is going to do TPPA; look at history…which one of the legislations has the Crown ever EVER put in place to benefit indigenous?? And when we protest and negotiate, which one of those has the Crown ever honoured or re-negotiated to benefit indigenous? They did it with foreshore seabed and multiple other shit, right the way back to 1840…ink was hardly drying on the parchment and they set about dismantling and annihilating the land and tangata whenua.
What makes us think that they have changed suddenly???
I’m not saying don’t protest…hell, Im there…I’m saying…stop asking the fuckers for permission…stop inviting them to negotiate, on their terms…they are not interested in partnership! How about WE find our own terms and do that! Just because they assimilate and try to dictate, does not mean we have to let them! Our tipuna negotiated because it was the only way forward in the face of extinction and complete decimation! But we aren’t in that place anymore! We don’t need to be fucked up the asshole!

The government is set to sign the deal the day before Waitangi Day commemorations kick off.
(loose) Translation ~
Hui – meeintg
Tangata Whenua – people of the land
Maori – the name colonialists gave to the indigenous people of Aotearoa
Aotearoa – Long white cloud (New Zealand)
Tipuna – ancestors
Waitangi – crying water (place in Aotearoa; where treaty was ‘signed’)




The Cook Islands and Tangaroa

The colonialists have always told their stories through ethnocentric glasses. Their view has misshapen and distorted the beauty and history of Indigenous throughout the world. They have also slanted their version of events to tarnish the knowledge and capabilities of those they ‘conquered’.

The following is a beautiful depiction of The Cook Islands history and perspective.

As with our own stories in Aotearoa, I am left wondering, who were the actual ‘savages’?  Because all that is espoused here, makes perfect, beautiful, synchronistic sense in my world.




365 reasons to smile ~ 25.

25. Tao Porchon-Lynch ~ 97 Year Old Yoga Practitioner! Another inspiring woman!

image#meme is a picture of a 97 year old yoga teacher, Tao Porchon-Lynch. The caption reads: “I don’t believe in age. I believe in energy. Don’t let age dictate what you can and cannot do.”

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365 reasons to smile ~ 23.

23. I don’t possess this skill. Yet :)

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“Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”


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Easier said than done sometimes: But I get it …

And Breathe –

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If it fucks with the vibe of your soul you got to let it go.


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Chaka Khan’s ‘Aint Nobody’ <3



#meme is a photograph of a large black and white cat sitting on the ground its ass; less and paws forward; it’s ears pinned back and it’s tail protruding from under its ass, and looking slightly annoyed.

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When someone tells me to sit like a lady.


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