floating in a sea of seemingly disingenuous shit.

is anything.

is anyone.

actually fucking real anymore.

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I was looking at a photo on instagram yesterday … lovely, black and white, obviously filtered and severely touched up photo. But it was beautiful, in a fake kind of whimsical way. So I followed that photo to the owners page and lo and behold, the entire gallery is full of ‘landscape’ type black and white photos, all with the same filtering thing going on.

Wow. Is what I thought. Wow as in, thats a little OTT: not creatively meaning to criticise it, but it felt like, ummm … this isn’t the way the world looks … sorry …

And then I glanced at the top of the page and their followers stats were close to 100k.

I actually stopped and took a little breath.

Then I rechecked the count; then I went back to the original photo and then another … yep, close to 2-3k of ‘likes’ on each photo. So I rechecked the gallery … Nope, all the photos were the same filtered, touched up genre.

And as I gazed, slightly perplexed … It occurred to Me that this world Actually, like Actuals … Likes Fake and Filtered.

It is the New reality.

I’m not sure what to make of it really.

And if this is actually true, it goes a long way to explaining the state of the world; our country; our town; my own little world and why I have so much trouble gelling with it.

If the majority actually like living in fake land, what hope is there for truth and reality?

Btw … can you tell which photo of the fluff on my carpet, is filtered and which one isn’t?

Hmmm … reality ay.

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meeting aliens

So, yesterday I met 2 different sets of ladies from our community.

Let me just say, for me, that in itself was huge. I would have usually taken off and not stuck around for the main event, but this time I did.

The first set of ladies were ‘my peoples’ … I understood how and what they spoke.

The second set were ‘not my peoples’ …  I didn’t really understand them … their speech … their affluent air and rolling hand gestures … their smiles and giggles.

What was even more interesting, was watching the interaction between these two sets of ladies. The ‘my peoples’ ones, once introduced to the ‘not my peoples’ ones, all of a sudden became … morphed into something completely different.

Their language changed … they started to ‘giggle’ … their conversation changed from chatty, to flouncy. They separated themselves from ‘me’ and moved the 2nd set of ladies over to the other room to continue their conversation.

And as I watched the interaction unfold … I wondered what the fuck was happening?

I had thought the 2nd were not really ‘real’ … because to me, they were out of my comfort zone. However, as this conversation carried on, they didn’t change their manner, their speech, their demeanour. They remained themselves. While the ‘my peoples’, changed completely.

I was astounded.

When the interaction was over and everyone waved and laughed their fair wells, one of the ‘my peoples’ ladies came over and said something interesting-er.

She looks at me and says .. ‘I had to change my face for a moment there. They’re some of the communities wealthiest and are potential clients. Got to keep them happy’.


Is that what all that was about? Is this really how it works??

I felt nauseous.

I think I misjudged who the alien species actually were.

I’m still slightly confused.

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sometimes i wonder

wonder why

when all is

said and done.

that the said

isn’t ever


its just


like thats


that really


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i know
you’re faking it.

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