fatherless~ness ownership?

‘they’ say, we have a fatherless generation.

or two.

that the fatherlessness is why

we’re mongrels.

[but the polite way of putting it]

they say, that this fatherlessness.

has produced angry, disillusioned, unproductive, undirected peeps.

they say, they are right.

we discuss it like they are right.

but I wonder.


are ‘they’ diverting conversation away.

from what really is?

that this and that generations.

are predominantly ‘colored’, indigenous.

that they in actual fact.

stem from generations and generations

of colonized, terrorized, stolen and raped

generations of peeps.

fatherless, motherless.





less, and less.

and as we look at one thing.


we are focused on one portion of

the result of cultural genocide.

do you think that

if you annihilate a people.

their roots.

that this is in fact

the issue…

we blame fathers.

last decade we blamed mothers.

decade before we blamed laziness.

decade before, the war.

but we were A O K before you fuckers arrived.

You were guests…

You were the ‘conquerors’.

the terrorists.

take ownership

for the mess you made.

and fix it for fucks sake.

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