ok, slight confession

Yes, I do comfort movies.

But I also do comfort food.

Preferably together.

So ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ has been paused half a dozen times and is currently at the part where He’s kicking the ass of the warlock dude after being pulled out of the memory potion thingy …

And I have just made and consumed Hot Scones with butter and Golden Syrup.

Yum …

Now for a cup of tea.

Yah know, these are possibly the only 2 real British-y things I partake in … thanks Nan πŸ˜‰


limoncello and salsa verde anyone?

LimoncelloΒ andΒ salsa verde, what the frick are either one of those? Well thanks to Aunty Google and Aunty Annabel, I have thus gangstah-rized both of these righteous creations!

All I can say is – The Italians have perfected the Art of eating and drinking to the ninth!



This awesome concoction will be the marinade for the lamb rack … it tastes better than it looks πŸ˜‰

Salsa Verde

And as for makingΒ gelato without a ice-cream-maker-thing-a-me; turns out old Uncle Dave knows a thing or two about doing ice cream old school … and turns out, whilst ‘stirring constantly’ for half an hour, I discovered I still have some pretty awesome dance moves happening … just saying πŸ˜‰

Gelato in the making πŸ˜‰

The gelato is still doing its freezing thing … but I shall update with pics of triumph before it gets demolished lol.

All in all, it has been a freaking awesome day … I didn’t think I’d enjoy cooking so much! Turns out, I’ve been cooking the wrong things!

Bellisimo! ❀


ever made gelato? … nah, neither !

Oh My Lord … In my mind, I thought it looked pretty straight forward … and it is I guess …

If you have an ice cream maker-thing-a-me …. oh and one of those egg beater-thing-a-me’s LOL.

This is what it ‘should’ look like

I’ll let you know the out-come later, and whether the gelato will end up being ‘custard’ πŸ˜‰


italiano fine dining …

So, did I mention I decided to do a 9 course dinner for my familia?

No, didn’t think so …

Loosely a birthday celebration, for Me, my Mama and Moko #2 .. we’s all gangstah April babies πŸ˜‰

I had wanted to do this for the wedding we haven’t got round to, but figured it was gonna cost shit loads; so instead of whinging on about how I didn’t get to have the dinner / wedding I wanted, I revised the cause and am now getting ready to cook the shit outta this bitch LOL. (Which BTW, is very unusual for Me, as I generally detest cooking … later post on that TBA πŸ˜‰ ).

Based on the ‘traditional’ Italian meal structure, my menu now looks like this:

And why Italian I hear you asking?

My Grandad πŸ™‚

He fought at Cassino during WW2, and I guess, the only good thing he came back with, was a passion for Italian cuisine. And that gave Me some awesome memories.

So, I shall keep you updated over the next few days … my kitchen is looking like the apocalypse has hit it … but it smells fucking fabulous! I am currently perfectly the Brodo (broth) and gangstah-rizing the Limoncello πŸ˜‰


366 reasons to smile ~ +58.

+58. Venison salami … hmmm yum πŸ™‚



366 reasons to smile ~ +48.

+48. ‘Frybread’ is a ‘Maori’ food; sort of like a cornbread, or a scone – but deep fried – generally served with a shit tonne of butter and/or some sort of syrupy topping πŸ™‚


‘elbows off the table’

remember the old school

meal times?

I do.

sit up straight

don’t slouch

(technically the same thing just phrased differently)

elbows off the table

use the right fork

its in the wrong hand

don’t chew with your mouth open

don’t swallow so loudly

don’t talk at the table

no drinking till after

eat everything on the plate

(which by the way, would have fed a small nation!)

and then the classic

…. there are children in ethiopia who would be grateful for this food …

which of course implied

‘thou shalt be grateful for all the aforementioned’

(not to mention that the statement is completely inappropriate *eye roll*)

and they wonder why

so many of us ended up

with fucken eating disorders


food, you bitch


love to hate you

love to love you

invading the personage

you seep through

although invited

i hate that i need you

liquid, thats ok

but solids

not ok

its not that i hoped to be


because i was once

and now my curves

i don’t mind.

but i don’t like the way

you make me feel.

no-one, nothing

invades me like you do.

i hate needing


i feel dependent.

but apparently

if i don’t eat

i die.


365 reasons to smile ~ 85.

85. Not a huge fan of Easter – however, whoever decided chocolate in Hot Cross Buns was a bodacious idea, has my vote! ! Yeah boi πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†


365 reasons to smile ~ 80.

80. Nice big feed of seafood πŸ˜†