365 reasons to smile ~ 48.

48. Ice cream recipe … yeah boi 😃

#throwback Feb 17, 2016 … I didn’t end up trying this … I rolled with the Vanilla Bean hmmmm … Vanilla Bean *drool*



365 reasons to smile ~ 42.

42. My Organic raw milk 😆

Yass! Still love my milk lol … #throwback Feb 11, 2016!


365 reasons to smile ~ 36.

36. Freshly caught fish, battered, and on the plate, in an afternoon 😆

#throwback Feb 5, 2016: Yass … time for another plate of freshly caught Ika I believe … been craving this lately!


365 reasons to smile ~ 33.

33. The pumpkin patch 😄

#throwback Feb 2, 2016.

Seeing this made Me do one of those little … Ngaawww … sounds lol. This was our first accidental attempt at growing pumpkins … and like this years accidental pumpkin patch, it grew wherever the fuck it liked!!

Gotta love the pumpkin patch :)


365 reasons to smile ~ 32.

32. Pipi fritters 😆

#throwback Feb 1, 2016

And still love these <3


365 reasons to smile ~ 21.

21. Golden Syrup Dumpling Pudding!

*Still one of my faves!! xo

#throwback Jan 21, 2016



365 reasons to smile ~ 11.

11. Homemade Bacon and Egg pie 😊

*Ahhh yes … Me loves food ;)


#throwback Jan 11, 2016


365 reasons to smile ~ 9.

9. Nan and Grandads homemade mayonnaise.

#throwback Jan 9, 2016



unfucking thyself 101.19




Homai to Aroha



Another ‘moko’ aka Grandbaby memory:

The Mokos (Grandchildren / Grandchild) Koro (Grandfather) (my partner) makes a cooked breakfast most mornings. Even though their parents would usually have given the mokos their usual breakfast / milk or whatever it was that was their norm; once ‘cooked breakfast’ arrived, each moko (except for 1 – Moko 3), would crawl up onto his lap whilst he was eating and starting poking around at his toast and baked beans, the sausages and bacon. He’s complain about them ‘eating all his breakfast’ and they’d sit happily on his lap eating away, till the plate was empty.

Mokos aged 9 and 8 still do they same thing, but without crawling up into his lap now. He’ll ask them if they want a cooked breakfast … they reply No … and then as he dishes up, they appear with: “Oh, Koro, can we have some baked beans …”, he rolls his eyes and dishes up extra plates of food.

What I really enjoyed this morning was the stories he told them of all the times they’d eaten up his breakfast, followed by the hysterical belly rolling laughter that followed. They sat and ate and laughed for nearly an hour.

I guess the important thing about growing up are the memories. For these darling Mokos, I really hope they embrace the memories and the laughter. Some of the most important things in this life.


#Photograph is a macro shot of of Moko 2 plate of baked beans and toast, and her hands. She can, of course feed herself now :) She’s paused mid-mouthful, laughing at her Koro’s lame jokes <3

reconciling the hormones #24

I have lulled the hormones into a state of meditative calm

with the promise of croissants, chocolate and coffee.

If that doesn’t work,

they shalt be lulled into a state of medicated calm.

That works too.

Merry Christmas Peeps.