unfucking thyself 101.19

Karakia: Atua Tukua Homai to Aroha Ae. 19. Another ‘moko’ aka Grandbaby memory: The Mokos (Grandchildren / Grandchild) Koro (Grandfather) (my partner) makes a cooked breakfast most mornings. Even though their parents would usually have given the mokos their usual breakfast / milk or whatever it was that was their norm; once ‘cooked breakfast’ arrived,…

reconciling the hormones #24

I have lulled the hormones into a state of meditative calm with the promise of croissants, chocolate and coffee. If that doesn’t work, they shalt be lulled into a state of medicated calm. That works too. Merry Christmas Peeps.

today is:

Gelato making day. Long-pause for dramatic effect. Pics to follow (if all goes well). Short-pause for semi-dramatic effect. <3

366 reasons to smile ~ +317.

+317. Oh Hell Yeah ;) #meme Black and white photograph of Sophia Loren in a bikini. Quoting: “I’d rather eat pizza and drink wine than be a size 0.” SaveSave