366 reasons to smile ~ +350.

+350. Just saying : #meme reads: Facebook’s list of Suggested Friends is quite literally a list of people I’ve been avoiding my entire life.

366 reasons to smile ~ +322.

+322. I concur :) #meme A photo of 3 ‘old school’, pretty gangstah looking women with old school tobacco pipes hanging out of their mouths: Caption reads: “Friendships must be built on a solid foundation of Alcohol, Sarcasm, Inappropriateness, and Shenanigans.”


hi. i enjoy music, food, and art. i’m socially awkward but looking for a partner in crime … Shit, wrong site, my bad.

pause: go

there will be a lot of ‘unfolding’ in the next few days, maybe weeks, knowing my long winded way of getting to things … there’ll be morbid poetry (er-hem, I mean, More, morbid poetry) ramblings and raging and/or morose music. i’ll be pausing the happy little daily photographs for awhile. They’re not doing it for…

hey sara

Remember me? We were BFFs. Remember? Someone like me; Friends, with someone like you. Such opposites. You had everything that a young girl should have. I had, well I had, not. But we hung. Camping, talking, giggling. Until you groped me. Not a-fucken-gain. Again, i knew what you wanted. It’s what they always wanted. I…