we need a resolution ~ aaliyah

we need a resolution ~ aaliyah, 2001


treat her like a lady ~ temptations

treat her like a lady ~ temptations, 1984


shoop ~ salt&pepa

shoop ~ salt-n-pepa, 1993


girl on fire ~ alicia keys

girl on fire ~ alicia keys, 2012


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lets dance ~ david bowie

let’s dance – david bowie, 1983


do the right thing ~ red head kingpin

do the right thing ~ redhead kingpin & the fbi, 1989


affirmative action ~ nas

affirmative action ~ nas, 1993


the way you make me feel ~ michael jackson

the way you make me feel ~ michael jackson, 1987


lost ~ six60

lost ~ six60, 2012


can’t be wasting my time ~ mona lisa ft lost boyz

can’t be wasting my time – mona lisa ft lost boyz, 1996


i love you ~ mary j

i love you ~ mary j blige, 1995


just give me reason ~ pink ft nate ruess

just give me a reason ~ pink featuring nate ruess, 2012


keep ya head up ~ tupac

keep ya head up ~ tupac, 1993


like water ~ ladi 6

ladi 6 ~ like water, 2008


get lifted ~ keith murray


get lifted ~ keith murray, 1994


kiss ~ prince

kiss ~ prince, 1986


doo wop ~ lauryn hill

doo wop – lauryn hill, 1998


dance ~ lemar

dance ~ lemar, 2003

& today, as in actual today ..

today was abit of a sicky day .. hormones have decided to commence fuckery again, after a nice long interlude .. of which i am grateful.

but whilst i was ailing around on the couch, consoling myself with hot water bottles & herbal teas, i listened to someone outside, constructing something lol. construction noises, of the modern day kind, would usually fucketh me off, but this symphony of construction was of the old school kind.

& it bought back dozens of forgotten memories of my grandfather & uncle (the good one).

both were builders & builders before there was skill saws & pile drivers. they were the kind that could traverse a concrete pad to a wooden wall to a roof to window to plumbing pipes. & all the while today, as i listened to hammers & an old saw cutting through something, i was reminded of sunday afternoons, listening to grandad constructing something useful – cos everything had a worthy purpose back then.

i could smell the wood & the concrete & the hammer on the nails .. i could hear the odd ‘buggar it’ & counting of measurements .. & i felt the awe of watching him create with his hands something out of all that ‘mess’, as nan would call it. he was so clever. so confident. 

& i miss him, & my uncle.

but i’m pleased i have memories. good memories. of good men doing good things.

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