ball sack??

The other day in town, I noticed this atrocity … funny atrocity … but atrocity none the less. I think they were going for something ‘gang-y’ and ‘edge-y’ … but it ended up looking like the following possibilities:

  1. A deformed foot
  2. A tonsil
  3. One lone ball sack hanging from some humpy things


Tagging, graffiti artists slash learner gang affiliates handbook 101 – a few tips:

  • When your repping a certain ‘mascot’ or representation of something that means life and death to you, in a public place, make sure you do it justice!
  • Just because it sounds edgey doesn’t actually make it edgey. Think that shit through before displaying in a public place.
  • Don’t use your actual name!
  • Practice before you apply the final masterpiece.

By the way – it is supposed to be a fist!

I know right!

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