the speech

you need to,

pull yourself up

by the boot straps.

suck it up

& soldier on.

“everyone’s afforded the same opportunities”:

bullshit speech.


that speech is spitted by

those, with boots.

& bootstraps.


those without, don’t give a fuck about your productivity speech.

they don’t give a fuck about your mentality, your wellbeing

or your version of moving fucking forward.


you talk of crime,

where there is no real crime.


you talk of homelessness,

whilst cosy in your homes.


you talk of being cultured,

on your stolen land.


you talk about being more,

because you have more.


you talk of being educated,

in your educational institutes.


those of us without those things:


wait for it:


we don’t give a fuck!


your bootstraps make no fucking difference here.



we all lost stuff. ay.

when its gone

it’s all gone.


your stuff

your dignity

your loved and love.


nothing hurts. there’s no more.

threat to you.

you can rest in nothing.


he was officially homeless.


he smiled more than most.

he wore sun glasses.

with no lenses.


he said it was an irony.


he possessed a guitar.

and the clothes he wore.

and a blanket.


he drank as much as me.

just different liquid.


when everything else was closed.

we’d find each other.

we’d laugh and sing.

and drink.

and drink.

and drink.


first night he found me.

i was holding up McD’s window.

i couldn’t see 2 fingers in front of my face.


you a’ight babe

you got’a home babe.

he asks.


nodding all the while

he says:

you lost.


that wasn’t a question.


picking up my drunk ass

he took me to his ‘place’.

tucked me in with his only blanket.

one last nip.

a pat on the head.


you be a’ight.

he says.


don’t know where you are now.


i hope youre still alive.


you showed me more kindness

by the hand of a strange man.

than I had ever had


or deserved.


when I told you about my girls

living with their daddy.

you said.


we all have a story.

we all lost stuff.

lots of stuff.


thank you.



i hope you found more than your lenses.

kpm ©



You’re in a heap

You have blanket

You’re a bum

I am not

I give you a dollar

You nod

Aren’t you grateful?

That I took time

To stop

And place my

Well earned dollar

Into your plastic


Couldn’t you at


Look up

And acknowledge

How awesome

I am

For having given

You a dollar?

My hard

Earned dollar?

I was expecting

Some gratitude

To make me

Feel complete

I was expecting

Some sort of


To make me

Feel complete

My life is shit

And I enjoy


Shouldn’t you

Show some


At least?

kpm ©