reconciling the hormones #86

& que the hormone fuckery.

right on time.




reconciling the hormones #85


so under-estimated.

so over-rated.

that’s all.



reconciling the hormones #84

it feels like my uterus is making its way up my spine, then

decides against that,

turns round & heads back toward my asshole.

just to linger there, pulsating,

& torturing my insides with contraction like pains.


i was looking forward to this bastard showing up.




reconciling the hormones #83

the goddesses heard my plea.

and we’re steady … ish,

thank fuck!


reconciling the hormones #82

Savethey’re a brewing

*please goddesses: go easy ay*




reconciling the hormones #81

*note: its been a cunty day.

This morning we were greeted with the carpet cleaners.

This is why I don’t do carpet cleaners until I leave a house:

a. the chemicals completely mess with my head, nasal passages and feng shui.

b. the ensuing smell that lingers long after they’ve gone, also fucks with me feng shui.

c. the carpets are wet until they dry. no worries – i sit on the floor. i sleep on the floor. the floor is where i am happiest and where i don’t get dizzy.

And all my hormones could do for Me today is make Me cry like a fucking little bitch … over carpets ffs!

not my meme. thankyou to whoever compiled it. you described todays #feels.



reconciling the hormones #79

and we have happy hormones!

‘celebrating the little things’