around the world ~ daft punk

Around The World ~ Daft Punk, 1997

love the free stuff

I was looking round my little house the other day, and it occurred to Me that virtually all the stuff in there …

*quick digress – theres not a lot of stuff – I like things minimal … and there’d actually be less stuff, but the partner is a fucking hoarder LOL … FML! – end digression*

… Is free.

As in, it was given to us, or we found it, or ‘inherited’ it, or made it, or re-cycled it … or it was out the front of someones house, marked “FREE” 🙂

No shit!

I think the only thing Me and the partner have bought as a ‘couple’ is a mortar and pestle … oh, and my coffee grinder.

Yup, thats it. LOL.


365 reasons to smile ~ 317.

317. LOL


safe at last

Another ‘eureka’ moment whilst taking a dump …

All of my kids lives, my greatest driving force for them as a mother, was to protect them and to keep them safe.

It wasn’t nurturing them or making sure they got adequate education or socialisation.

It was protection.

My ‘protection’ button may have been set a little too high, but it is what drove me to stay alive … to do better … to leave them.

Did I always succeed? Hell No. And that devastated me more than half the shit that ever happened to me.

But recently, my girl and her family have moved to a new house. And my ‘eureka moment’ was in the realisation that she is safe. Finally.

That her location, her state of mind, are all about healing and happiness. And she will replicate that for her family.

All that I ever wanted for her, but couldn’t give her, she now has. And that is her doing! Which makes me prouder and happier than I can express.

That finally, she has what I always wanted for her.




365 reasons to smile ~ 221.

221. So, we did my girls big move yesterday … and the house they’re in, is waaayyyy more than I expected for them … I mean I knew it was going to be big, and they probably wouldn’t know themselves … but … well when i saw it . ..


Their old home – which I must say, has done them proud for the past five years – was a small 2 bedroom place; it was damp and cold. But the new house is about 4x the size of the old one! Each of the bedrooms is bigger than the 2 old bedrooms put together! Its massive! And its just perfect for their growing family.

The best bit, is its further out of town than I realised. Its about 7-8ks off the main route at the foot of the ranges. Its kind of elevated and they have a long view of their old town and about 3 towns over. Its quiet, except for the sound of the sheep and a little brook just down from them. It’s gorgeous!

The inside is warm! No damp. No cold. Its north facing so they get sunshine all day.

When we left them last night, they were all huddled up in one of the lounges, on their mattresses 🙂 Made me laugh – they so used to being all crammed up, they feel and look a little lost in that big house. But they’ll get used to it.

I’m so happy for them. And my beautiful mokos look happy, and that makes me happy! My youngest girl and moko number 4 will be moving in with them in the next few months too, and it just makes my heart warm, to know that all the mokos and their parents (my girls) will be warm and happy and healthy … that they finally have a ‘home’.

What more could a mama slash nanny ask for really.