Prosecuted for Trespassing on his Own Land! “Disturbingly Medieval” Says Maori Owner in Lake Horowhenua Prosecution

This will continue to happen as long as we have the Crowns system in place.


In New Zealand, this week’s Court of Appeal decision quashing the acquittal of an owner charged with trespassing on his own land is disturbingly medieval, according to the owner who will now be retried for the same offence thrown out by a district court judge last May.

Phil Taueki says he is not joking when he cites Magna Carta harking back to ancient times when the Crown could seize control of ancestral lands and imprison owners who refused to leave. Magna Carta became NZ law in 1989.

He says the original police prosecutor admitted there was no case to answer but he was under political pressure to proceed with this prosecution.

When this charge was dismissed, that should have been the end of it, he says.

But Crown Law appealed his acquittal even though there was no compelling new evidence or suggestion of a tainted acquittal.

It is disconcerting that Crown Law has hijacked this criminal case to evict owners from their own property, he says.”

Source: Prosecuted for Trespassing on his Own Land! “Disturbingly Medieval” Says Maori Owner in Lake Horowhenua Prosecution

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so while I wait for the porn site bastards to respond … this has been happening in my world

I take a slightly un-orthodox, possibly naive, view of environmental ‘issues’. While I’ll kick up a stink re gender, race and sexual assault issues faster than you can order a big mac in a drive thru … environmental issues are not really my area of ‘expertise’.

I tend to believe that Mother Nature – or Papatuanuku, as we call her … is well able to take care of herself. We are supposed to take care of her; but if we should fuck that up, she is well able to exact her own special revenge.

I’ve always taught my kids to respect Her … and I do the same. This involves not polluting; not over fishing or stripping out and away all of our natural resources; it involves protecting the natural environment. And I guess I thought that most decent human beings did the same thing.

Then this happened:

What are you seeing?

Thousands and thousands and thousands of dead and dying pipi on My shoreline.

It started about 3 weeks ago and as far as I know there are still pipi being washed up. The whole beach wreaks of death and it is a sight that is sad beyond belief. It looks like the entire population of pipi are dead.

Our local council have said they’ve conducted tests and found that the die off isn’t related to toxicity.

I say – Bullshit!!

You can read a more in-depth and fact related article on the whole matter here. Like I said it’s not my area of expertise. Suffice to say though … I am well pissed off. From what I’ve learnt over the last few months – weeks –  our local fuckwit council have been dumping their shit into the local rivers/streams/lakes and that shit and pollution has finally made its way into our beautiful ocean.

I’m not entirely sure what we can do about this: I’m working on it.

In the meantime, I haven’t been down there for a couple of weeks … I can’t. It’s too sad at the moment.

Heres some more of the devastation:

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